Friday, August 10, 2007

another chump

"You're a waste. Matt posted something. You banned him. I like Matt, so i researched some stuff. In conclusion?

Kill yourself. Honestly. I see no reason as to why you shouldnt kill yourself. You're son? Better off without you. No one needs synchophantic, useless troglodites mucking up the air we breathe with low, conniving, spiteful, shitheads like you.

I tell you what: Give me three reasons why you shouldnt, you know, literally kill yourself, and i'll say i'm wrong. Please, i beg you. Because as a non-religious secular humanist, i'm OK with differences of opinions."

I guess this isn't the first death threat I got for banning someone, and it isn't the last. I am going to make it easy for a simpleton like you, gives me more fuel to piss mother fuckers like you off with more spiteful horror fiction. I am around just to speak you. So in this I thank you for giving me something to add to my non-fiction book.

Yeah I am not going to rage at this asshole, but I am posting his hate mail here for my amusement. It's seeing shits like this post make me laugh at the fact that I am alive and pissing them even more. I am going to make the shithead's eyes bleed. Yeah I am going to post all my responses on Blogspot where they have to send me an email in response to it instead of getting a mob action.

Easier for me to respond to one or two at a time than a shitload of them. Yeah I figured I was dealing with a humanist leftard. That's right mother fucker, keep making yourself look like a fucktard because you're giving me more material to write about. You wanted three -- I gave you five. The non-fiction book is now reached the 37,000 word mark and this thing is a bastard too. 97 pages of cynical venom -- yes there are parts in there that are sick in nature, I am tossing around horror and sci-fi humor in there too. Someone turned it into a pissing contest and I am just trying to keep it off LiveJournal.

So this isn't the first time I got messages like this and it won't be the last. If the guy wants to call me a tool, I am going to be a real tool and respond on my own blog here. Seems like the blogger account is more visible, and working on a non-fiction book that dealt with people like that over the years so it is nothing new. He's a piece of flyshit who has too much time on his hands.