Monday, August 6, 2007

Bob Freeman can piss blood as far as I care.

Damn not very smart fucking with me eh. I have three words to say to that asshole, PISS BLOOD FUCKER! PISS BLOOD! I am going to get that non-fiction book done and he's already been foaming at the mouth. Yeah I could imagine him trying to collect my number and posting one number at a time like one of his friends did in the past. Yeah you think you can stop me career dead, good luck trying you fucking backwater redneck. I see what you're trying to do -- start a feud between Indiana and Illinois. Not happening, don't get the whole fucking state involved because I did nothing wrong to Indianna as a whole. But I could see that you were easy a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

I think I might set up a signing in SOUTH BEND to just piss you off. I got enough titles that are carried by Ingrams to pull it off too. Yeah I can see you're foaming at the mouth about this one and one of your fans wanted to slit their wrist I might end up getting the signing with the non-fiction book when comes out -- keep foaming at the mouth pal, the credits are coming my way left and right now.