Sunday, August 31, 2008

A new free read

This one is also tossed up on but you can read it on entirely for free. A new video will be produced later tonight to go with the article and the one that was published on Associated Content. The short story I mentioned is finished and now trying to shop the story around. I might not intended it to have a similarity to The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. but it will have that vibe behind it. Trying to picture that particular story in the age of the blogosphere. Well I found what the honorary queer's blog had to say about me.
     The new article was very pointed towards Brian Keene and his recent rant about Tabloid Purposes, making fun of one other publisher who took a similar stand to the one I took. I am very pointed with the article towars the jackholes who went and penned "mock fiction" of my work trying to make it look like it is faggoty. What's sickening about that is that Karen Koehler actually goaded them to keep going, but I have to bring out a dirty little secret here about her that I learned from finding another website. This was found in my research when I was writing House of Cards.
     The dirty little secret is she writes Vampire Hunter D fan fiction (that's right kids the "Golden Girl" writes fan fiction.) The story that is up there I wrote was from a buddy's notes about a character he came up with. I was trying to write it for how he would draw it up. That's a dirtier secret than her owning Black Death Books. This puts her in no place to be blasting my non-fiction book because I think she was found out in the book that one scene I had coded was ripping on her. She can run for her life but she can't hide from that past. At least when I did things on there, the characters were public domain or my own.
     That's what happens when you post libelous things about my family and malciously review a book that was pirated. I guess that is the kind of thing that Pathogen enjoys reading fiction by authors whose characters they got no ownership over. I've watched what these mid-list cabals had attempted to do to my company in the past two years, but I will keep going with it. There's nothing Keene, Koehler, The Crusty Rail, ExposeTheFuckstain, or the Goon squad has to say or do about it. Nothing but a bunch of 4chan bastards. All your base belongs to me assholes.
     The monsters really are coming to Maple Street now when I make this observation if they haven't came already. All of them are collective trainwreck no matter how you look at it. They are long ot be looking at what I say now as being public enemy number one now, but I appeared in the same magazine as Brian Keene (get that fucker, we're linked by a magazine.) I want to see the chumps rebuttal this for a while. Especially the bastards who are on Stupid Free. Some people need to kindly shut the motherfuck up. I haven't busted my concentration once with my work because I managed to get three short stories done, and finished I.O.W.A.

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Short Stories I am working on…

I have to keep those titles under my hat right now but I will mention, I am attacking the whole real person fiction writing world with a few of these stories – one of them is a bizarre story I am hammering out. It is clear that I can name a few people who I have in my crosshairs with their recent blog postings, including asshole that composed his so called blog posting. I've seen these kinds and one of those who I went off at the little m/m slash writer decided to tell me to get off this planet.
       Free speech is more encouraged in the United States, but when other countries go around posting someone's private address. I took anger to it and decided to hammer out this new short story. I just need a publisher who is brave enough to run it. It's not a majority of the authors in the small press who shun me as Brian Keenis claimed. He's just mad that I got a story published in the very same magazine where he got an interview with. I am thinking where else can I do some damage to the political game and the world of people who write these perverse real person fiction stories then go around stealing my creative properties for the so called "Fair Use."
       I really think some of them need to take their head out of their asses on this one. I've busted my ass to get my work out there, and to get some of it published. The fact I will voice opinions that are not popular with the current blogosphere, it would piss off the rest of the world when I will go and say these bloggers will go and create a whole Stephen Glass type thing. That is part of the reason I am writing this new short story. The fact there's a small group of them now trying to commit mail fraud. This is history repeating itself when Susan Taylor and Dan Fox had done a number of mail fraud and phone fraud using my old phone number for a few things such as calling a septic system plant in Florida and sending for douchebags under my name using the mail address Rural Route 4 (I don't forget about things like that.)
       I've seen too many good people get hurt because of people like these assholes who go around calling themselves 50 Foot Ant (really he should be called 50 Foot Cockroach.) It basically became attack of the sodomites. That was just the beginning of this, some asshole went and created a goddamned Twitter account and I can't even get it shut down. It was an unauthorized account; believe me the industry assholes take things a little too far. They go too far with hiding behind fake names and fake pictures; some of them their own family even got involved in the trolling as what I wrote in an article on Associated Content. The new stories that came from the recent events, they never broke me. I will not yield to terrorists. When all logic is thrown out the window, and they've succeeded to hinder my creative process they can only dream that I could never write another story but I hate to give them that pleasure.
       I began to notice more Crusty Rail clones are popping up as time goes on, and became more ruthless too. I noticed that one old nemesis is getting involved now from my Diary-X days. I am talking to you schmendrick, all those times I remember that you got no posted on forums for every pot shot you took on me for some reason. Stealing from my cab driver story, that is the act of a real lowlife dipshit. You didn't break my focus from 2002-2005 all you succeeded in doing was pissing me off. I am still writing new works so in that you failed cocksucker. I bet you are going with your new "friends" now slandering everything I did and steal every drawing, photograph, and story I've ever written under the umbrella of "Fair Use."
       This is one of your old MO's asshole. Going around stealing my work just to be a dick; I should have guessed that you and DJ Pathogen had something to do with getting breathing down my neck and flooding my inbox. Now you assholes intend on committing mail fraud. I saw the picture with the Monopoly Play Money – which one of you assholes thought of the idea of throwing up the physical address? I am guessing that Pathogen had plenty to do with this one too. That jackhole has a lot to answer to when I go to Chicago next. Calling me a retard, mother fucker, I guess you had a catheter in your brain urinating out all your common sense. That's okay, I am still working on new short stories – and where you fail in breaking my focus I've been the most prolific in writing short stories.
       The accusations of plagiarism just will start a fist fight and it would put someone in the morgue. It also seems that the blogosphere they get more personal about the attacks too, and aren't shy in ruining someone's business at the same time. I've expected this more from a so called publisher who openly libeled my company – true I am difficult to work with because I am very particular and strict in what I want. I've seen too many good publishers get smeared because of what some of them did.
       I am guessing some of these people don't have the grapes to go on video to say exactly what they say online, but some cocksucker actually stole one of my stories and did a video with it. I am guessing he's a little pissed off that he got his video shut down. I expected this kind of shit from the mother of my son, but a few of them who did this are local and will actually do everything in their power to make my life a living hell because I think one person is a flat out asshole. I am using this new short story to put it all out there the cards are on the table when I've seen Brian Keene make fun of Tabloid Purposes suggesting that I have 20 plus books in the series. I am going to stop the series after 13 books.
       Also I noticed this cockshit going around stealing my articles thinking of ways to steal from the performance payment, this makes me sick – a flaming faggot going around stealing my work too. Don't you assholes have lives? I guess not – you go around smearing everyone who bust their ass in the small press. They are trying to distract everything I've done as a writer to make me blog about them in detail here – well they didn't completely succeed in this. I will just say this much the faggots have no lives and it is proof when the Crusty Rail goes around slandering everything I've done and slandered other writers whom worked their asses off. I am beginning to think that one of those assholes decided to tip off Sinister Tales and fuck over my sale to that magazine.
       I will just say this much, I got a 5910 word short story finished and a 3200 word story done. I got two novellas finished, and I am going to make the asshole who burned my first collection squirm in his seat when I say those stories are finally done. I am guessing that these assholes who contribute to the book burnings, it shows on public record how far some of them will go. Pisses me off that a self-published erotica author gets celebrated too – and the abuse of power she does when she does her publishing seat. I sold my stories and paid my dues, but someone like her – proves to have a very low IQ to go around stooping as low to smear someone's name through the dirt.

In other words -- EAT SHIT AND DIE.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

“Fiction After Fiction, But Passed Off As Fact”

That is the truth about some blogs, they are passing off fiction after fiction but passing it off as fact – I am quoting an editor who is now with a newspaper I can't stand because they did some damage to a friend of mine in 1999. The reason I am gunned after a number of times in the blogosphere is because I will not hold anything back, and say the opinion that is rather unpopular these days. Even if it is at the expense of a subculture too, I am very critical of the Gothic Subculture these days as a writer because here in Chicago there is a new DJ who is trying to hate on authors and disabled in one fair swoop. Fiction after fiction, but they pass it off as fact. When they offer up fake pictures and doctoring up photos that were taken then pasting Angela Lansbury's face on my photograph, come on.
      More of those fiction after fiction being passed off as fact, and among the various observations of this – it gets old after a long while. They expect someone to go into a complex but when someone has a journalism background, they call it fact checking. They should practice it some time instead of jumping the gun to believe the lie. The thing about the blogosphere is they are willing to believe everything even when they don't read between the lines. The Stephen Glass scenario, and this is something I will state when they never seen Shattering Glass about a journalist who embellished everything to get a readership in a non-fiction magazine.
      I watched things like this go and they don't come out too pretty. I've watched sites time and again practice journalistic fraud. Blogs by other writers no less that made it even more insulting to take. The blogs that go around smearing my name on a regular basis have practiced this on a normal basis along with people in the publishing industry, so when I see a few piss bloggers – I will jump on video to follow up an entry. The reason I am writing short stories that are dealing with this is because it needs to be addressed. Fact after fact passed off as fiction will make it an easier pill to take. The line was taken from an article from a journalist named H. G. "Buzz" Bissinger, and I will say he had it right all along. If someone read the article SHATTERING GLASS they will see where this is going – as a writer there is something called journalistic integrity, and with the rise of weblogs this is compromised way too often.

hey asshole -- these your own damning words

DJ Pathogen's own damning words.

"I actually purchased this book just so I could review it on The cowardly little cumstain deleted it and disallowed comments."
It now makes sense the asshole decided to send his buddies from SomethingAwful and claiming to made me more "famous." All he did is earn the right to an ass kicking. They're going around making my address public and encouraged people to harass my family. Leave the family out of this, what did they do to you.
       Now he's got a few of his piece of shit friends such as writing these so called "fan fiction" stories. All it's done was piss me off. Congrats asshole, that is the quickest way to piss me off is to encourage your shitty friends on to stalk my family. The only reason you came to San Fran is to become a major asshole in a city that was never your hometown. Just stirring up shit to smear someone's name in their home fucking town. Let me ask this Pathogen, what if it goes back to some of the people we both mutually know that you did all this crap? You personally take ownership for all of this man, if anything happens to my family because your friends so help me mother fucker I will come for you.
       You came here to be a DJ then you take a shit on some of the rest of the population in the progress with your little stunt. Endangering my family is on your head bitch, do you fucking hear me? I got eyes and ears in Chicago and all over the Midwest. So they will tell me when you try something stupid and this stupid you've done; this is personal. Encouraging people to stalk me, not cool. I could get people to actually boycott you if you're not cafeful. Belive me that is coming. Any night you are actually the DJ, it will be boycotted.
       I also lost all respect for Michelle Peace for the very fact she's encouraging him to stalk me to no end, what did I ever do to her that would put her on this rampage? I think what it is was the stunt I pulled in 2005 when I urinated on Darren McKeeman's photograph. Damn I need a picture of Pathogen to urinate on now. I can't help if Pathogen is a plagiaristic sack of shit; if his friends from likes to throw that round at me -- I will throw that around here, because I think he didn't get permission to mix band's work. Hey Peace, I want to really know what did I say or do that pissed you off? What put you on this fucked up little rampage on the homefront? If anyone goes to his night -- this will piss him off, request SLAYER or Megadeth the whole fucking night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More thieving slash writing assholes

Oh for fuck's sake, more assholes are making off with my work and going on to commit acts of plagiarism. The copyright theft had been going now for a few days and seems if they got some motives that make me sick. Something that is even lower than those assholes who "created" those real person slash stories featuring me as a character. Now that makes me sick that they are even doing this too. This is something that sounds similar to those brats who brag about getting acclaim just becaise they write that kind of SHIT. Passing it off as "literature" if those assholes want to write short stories why can't they come up with their own ideas with their own characters. Skeevy had the balls to assume my identity -- you pussy if I ever find you I will put your face into the concrete.
            Stealing my characters and assuming my identity, those bastards need to be exterminated as some termite or cockroach. That is the ultimate form of disrespect I've seen in a long time. The being I am working on a new short story and trying to get the fifth anthology done, the thing people like this hate is progress. This asshole is also behind one of the thefts then oen who is creating an unauthorized story, yeah I can see where authors J.K. Rowling and Larry Niven are coming from. They are right there with that asshole who tried to write a real person fic with my son as the subject of it.
            Don't you think the accusations of plagiarism are rather harsh when I know different. Making claims that I have a room temprature IQ is rather harsh when I have an IQ at least of 98-100. I am not exactly slow; methodical in the progress of figuring your bastardized motives -- as I wrote in a story, you fucks aren't writers just thieves with a word processor. I have a few stories in mind and a few articles in mind exposing the bastardization of Fair Use.
            Now let me present this to the assholes who are laughing their way into saying, 'Copyrights, fuck your copyrighted works' -- before you say that, think long and fucking hard before you go stealing that particular story. Think about it from my point of view. Yeah I am talking to you Brian Knight and you assholes who are going around smearing my name on The Other Dark Place. The job wasn't big enough for you so you decided to call in some enforcements.
            None of my characters are gay because I never designed them to be that way. Writing with gay characters isn't my style, I would rather have the characters smoke and get into fights. Then I got these assholes stealing my work and posting it in Leet Speak, fuckers get your own ideas and get your own content. Sure they are using a site I called home for two years to make my life a living hell. I am starting to think that Pathogen started all this shit along with Girlvinyl who both share a brain in the sense they can't compose an original thought without slandering someone.
            I guess AutoAim is getting a lot of "fame" now for stealing my characters and impersonating me. The son of a bitch is just another faggot who takes turns fucking Raingoddess in the ass. I guess Pathogen is sucking off AUTOAIM for that same fame too -- then one of AutoAIMS shitfuck'd friends decided to say a libelous claim. How could I even plagiarize myself when I wrote Spectral Exile in the time frame of July-August 2006. The story is two years old and you fucks are picking on that one the worst. Can you fuckers write a story without any sexual content?
            I am also guessing Pathogen has no respect for anyone outside of his field. I guess he's going to be making fast fuckbuddies with a 50 Foot Ant, and I got some bug spray for this fucker right here. Are you fuckers done? I got some work to do on a few stories here and trying to get those done. IF anyone are attention whores it's the faggots who created the thread.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1996 & The asshole mentioning this Accurate Manufacturing Crap


I was working in Remcor IMI in Glendale Heights, Illinois. What happened there was my left finger got caught in a grinder (why I never have my left hand out when I do pictures or show the picture of my hand. My finger nail got ripped off at the knuckle. Part of my knuckle on my left index finger got sanded down too. I was on disability as of December 2000 so how could I have worked for Accurate Manufacturing. There are a few Nicholas Pacione's in Illinois, but on my birth papers it is NICKOLAUS.
      Since "ExposeTheTard" claims it was hagnail -- I want to picture the shitter trying to grind a part on a metal sander, then something grabs the finger on her glove pulling the finger into the gap of the sander. That gap I lost part of my knuckle, the middle of my finger nail and all that was left was the two outside parts of it. How could I have worked for Accurate Manufacturing if I was on disablity.
      I moved back to Illinois, and deemed unemployable. I came back to Illinois after turning twenty-three. If that Nicholas Pacione is reading this, I want you to drop a comment below exlaining more about this because someone is mistaking me for you. I don't think the finger getting ripped in the grinder is documented on that Workman's Comp report because it was in DuPage County when I was working for REMCOR.
      At the time of them having to remove the rest of the finger nail there was three young female nurses having to pin me down to the table because I had some strngth to me for weighing 154 lbs. That was back in March 1996 when I had part of my finger ripped out. There was blood everywhere too. It took three long needles actually touching the bone to deaden up the hand.
      So the asshole named George Thompson is proven wrong once again, those of you who want to drop a note to this dickhead for his information his e-mail address is Let's put it like this I am lucky to be able to use the finger or have a good part of it left. That was the focus of the story Digital Bleeding. A very short non-fiction story I wrote when I was in college. The bastard likes to fabricate stories about me along with that asshole known as autoaim who stole parts of Sprectral Exile.
      For my finger injury I didn't file workman's comp for it so that's on record for some of you who would try to butcher that up or try to make up your little stories about scams of Workman's Comp when you're seeing these in your head.

FUCK OFF MOTHER FUCKERs. -- this asshole is the one who picked the fight on e-mail. So I am tossing his e-mail address up here too for those of you who read this thing knowing what they've done. They even tried to assume Lawrence Dagstine's identity. I should have guessed that SomethingAwful would go as far to impersonate other writers in the small press too. Those of you who are suggesting I join that creative writing group on, here's my response. GFYM. If you don't know what means it's GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER. For that matter get off the web if you're going to go around coming up with false accusations like that. That's libel of the highest form. Even The Rusty Nail doesn't accuse me of plagiarism. Fucking losers.

Fucking Slash Writer = Prick

It seems is writing m/m slash stories from my characters, and I think this is one of the most disrespectful things I've ever seen done. Pisses me off when they do this to J.K. Rowling or when they do it to other authors. I know what Larry Niven goes through when someone creates a slash story. I hate those kind of "writers" to begin with. The son of a bitch stole a character I wrote in 2006 and I am doing a new story featuring some of his short works. The new characters are making cameos in this new story I am working on.
          Looks that someone got a little mad at my rant I did earlier. If you were an author and published with a few stories, then some asshole comes on stealing your characters to make them into something they were never intended to be would you be a little pissed? Think about that one long and hard when you respond to this, I would love to imagine if Brian Knight was to find out his characters were stolen for that nature -- he'd respond the same way; but I think the fucker would think it is amusing because he steals people's photographs and doctors them up to put a penis on the middle finger.
          What he did with one of my characters is right there with what some asshole had thought of doing -- writing one of those Real Person fic stories and doing that to myself and my son. I call someone like that a fucker; what makes it worst that someone actually decided for their own amusement to steal my article. If someone wants to get into the realm of writing fiction, be original and create your own characters. If you're going to do stories of other writers works at least make sure they're in public doman. Look at the controversy called Another Hope, this is one reason to say if you're going to be an author do original works.
          You want to get mad at someone, get mad at her. At least when I did this kind of stuff it was in the public domain (but I like doing more scarier stuff with my own creations. I just did a story with a public domain character once. Those are the authors I sometimes seek for publication, if they can do well with a public domain character -- I will ask if they have stuff with their own characters.) If you're a m/m or f/f type slash writer, don't even bother sending your work.
          When I come up with stories to write, they're my own ideas and my own characters. I've done this for years -- and the exception to the rule being a public domain character or two. My advice for Lori Jareo; if you're going to be a writer and get published -- don't rip off Lucas! As a science fiction author, I am royally pissed at this lady for trying that stunt. I struggled long to even get my fiction published, and for this idiot to publish something that is a complete plagiarism. Those of you who want to get pissed off at someone, get pissed off at her. This asshole who thought it was amuzing to "borrow" Nicholas Kane should take their time to talk to the asshat who wrote Anthor Hope.

Monday, August 18, 2008

One of the large stories are done

CYBER:TERROR:MACHINE is done and now it is in the body of Tabloid Purposes 5. I was looking around at one of the sources for all the trolls I've been getting on, and I am going to pull one of them the surface here. Since they're threatening to post my work on a torrent; I am going on record that they'd go around impersonating me one site to another. Then one of them got me in trouble for confronting them about celebrating the impersonator. I will post the messages of the imposter word for word on this blog in the blockquote.
     I would like to see them try to get their hands on the new Tabloid Purposes for that reason but this is something they will be a failure at. They failed at life so they are going around making their living by ruining the lives of people who have worked hard on their work.

Helo ther, I am writer of horor storys...

So, goons... what should my first epic horror story on be about? I want to include both spiders, ladies and fathers being sexually abused. I'm thinking of a hospital setting, perhaps an abandoned hospital, with spiders, and ladies and perhaps... fathers?

Oh and by the way... please send any bills and/or death threats to so I can pay you whatever you desire and shake in my boots.

The Dickwad got a little pissed off becuase I refused to let the asshole steal my name and picture once again; but seems like he wants to make me a regular feature on his blog for that little victory. More of the bastards words here -- trying to say that another author wrote House of Spiders and Spectral Exile. I gave the exact date I wrote House of Spiders and the exact date when I penned Spectral Exile. He's pissed off because he got that fake account shut down by the admins.
     I am looking to see what the jackhole has to say of the blog entry here knowing what he's attempting to do. The only thing he's going to suceed at is having sex with his nearest blood relative.

#1. I am contesting the deletion of the story and the banning of my account with the administration of If they were not aware of exactly who Nickolaus A. Pacione was before, they will know his full dirty history after reading my reply, including his expulsion from the horror writers guild, his history of harrassing other writers and proven plagiarism. Any complaint he has made against me is most likely pure bullshit.

#2. I have everything saved and it's most likely going up on my personal garden of havoc called later on, together with my latest epic entitled "Spectral Sexile" - however, I want to see how the whole thing pans out first. Rest assured, there will be much action to be had here yet, so... LOCK & LOL, people.

Actually when I think about it, I just might make "Nickolaus A. Pacoine" a regular feature on my site. Who's he going to complain to? Me? I'll take his Cease & Desist notices and wipe my rear end with them, photograph the event and post the pictures together with some more fanficion about it.

Yes, I know. Toxx clause. I'm ready for it. I'm game

Now here's the fuckstain's website. Seems like I'm on the receiving end of everything now and some of them would love to see my imprint disband but they are not going to see that happen. When Dagstine admitted to being valentinevegan, he saw an equal hatred on both sides and wished he didn't see it. Something I saw early on with another writer; the kind of things I saw coming in 2004 when I published the very first anthology. I am guessing they didn't see the article that came out and the new article which I tore that entire website a new one for attempting to impersonate me on different places. I did a video cutting into them in the entry before this one. I noticed that one of the assholes of the asshole brigade thought it was cool to steal my article word for word then post it on their blog.
     I love the fact that the fucker who calls himself George Thompson is trying to pass me off as a complete liar about everything; oh that's original. Seems like this is going to be the upcoming hell that everyone has in store with me because I got that impersonator account pulled. The fucker calling himself autoaim, is trying to make it his personal mission to smear my name across the web. Come on man -- I am sure you can do it without stealing said stories.
     Some of them are taking a page out of Brian Keen's playbook of dirty tricks. Coming on as my characters and flooding my inbox, that's original. Seems like the loud mouth dork is hooking himself up with the asshole commitee to promote their work too. That really stings if you ask me. This particular individual reviewed the impersonator favorable but when I messaged him defending the fact I wrote the stories he didn't buy it, someone like him shouldn't even be a writer if you ask me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

wait for it...

With all this article writing there is some new fiction ideas coming from it too and one of them, wait for it will be a long awaited sequel to a very infamous short story. I guess I will make the asshole behind the person in the crosshairs of this one. Since he's getting off on passing lies off for facts. Then those losers calling my recent article a bunch of lies -- well they are not lies, I just didn't mention full names. I got a lot of mixed reaactions for that underground horror tale, but I might even retool the story to make it a longer one. Since those assholes who went around for five years slandering the shit out of me, I am going to make them look like complete assholes. There is one DJ I am going to make look like an asshole on a few stories too.
      Mr. Pathogen, Chicago's favorite dumbass is going to be the subject of a few horror stories too that will play off his overhyped mentality. More or less a fish out of water story waiting to happen. Put the blonde bitch somewhere in the southside and he comes back having his car stripped to nothing. Since he likes to speak with a forked tongue. He thinks he's an angry person but I thive on writing off my anger. Since one of his new friends stole the article and a few other assholes created a fake account stealing my work and doctoring up the title to make it their own. Now I know what one vampire author feels like when some shitstain stole her work and made it into a fan fiction story.
      I guess someone like Pathogen would enjoy reading fan fiction by some reject who pissed on my hometown.
      I will call Pathogen a dumbass because he took a shit on my book verbally especially since he read the lies first, and I guess he's more accustomed to believing the lies over someone who told the truth. So I will address him as both Chicago, Illinois, favorite dumbfuck and as the blonde bitch. I think both nicknames are rather insulting, and oh yeah did I mention he's in the crosshairs of a new story I wrote called Media Darling. That story is done just saving it for the magazine. That one is pretty nasty in the delivery, and the novella I.O.W.A. That will be put out myself because of it's size -- most publishers don't publish 12K novellas in a particular season so this is going to be something that will be released privately and if one wants the information about where they can buy it.
      I can give the information where they can get the chapbook. But as long shitheads like The Rusty Nail and Capt'n Fuckbag. I am guessing Chicago's Favorite Dumbass will be reading this blog, and along with his little north side fuckbuddy who is deciding to believe the libelous bullshit. I see Pathogen in the same light as I see the asshole who was formerly known as Rozzlyn, and learned that it was a good friend of the cocksucker who pirated my first anthology. The shim admitted it was friends with the shitface. And Oh FUCK! The Shim started harassing me on now. I guess the IT OF A BITCH had nothing better to do. What I would enjoy being done is people taking turns deficating in the urn that the rainfaggot stores his dead bitch in.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Pathogen, since you don’t have the balls to use your real name for anything – and you got yourself a account. Why don’t you grow a pair and try to set up an anthology of short stories featuring other writers. Put your money where your mouth is, I want to see if you can actually manage something of that nature instead of being a narrow minded chickenshit.
       I really want you to see if you can produce something remotely close to what I do as an editor. You don’t even need to ask some of your artist friends to help you do the covers. I will let you slide with the standard covers they give you there.
       I originally presented this to another promoter to see if they would be able to pull this off, now since you decide to take a shit on my non-fiction book. Why don’t you try to assemble an anthology of your own if you have the tools to work with?
       I bet you can’t even sell one copy even if you have Darren McKeeman on board for your line up. It’s a lot harder than it looks. In all fairness I would shell the $10 out for the copy if you have the intellect or ideas to see how to pull it off.
       Two months from now is the deadline for you to make this happen. Clocks a ticking, tick tock tick tock. I’m willing to bet you can get some of your new found friends in EncyclopediaDramatica or what ever that fucking site is. I want to see you produce something using your new place of being a dipshit.
       You got your entire community to be the judge of the project. I know you hate the book I penned; I’m curious to see if you can edit an anthology that is remotely scary. For the first time grow some balls and produce something with your new found site. Let’s make this easy for you –a 200 page anthology will work.
       If your anthology doesn’t even look passable, you do not blast on a single one of my projects again. Let’s see what you got pissblogger.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Article one is up...

Internet Trolls: When The Family Gets Involved -- is published on Associated Content. The next article is coming within few days. You little fucks who created an account that I couldn't get into at Twitter, what the fuck is wrong with you? I guess this doesn't go too far off from your mind that you go around stalking every move I make. I guess you faggots decided to encourage Something Awful to get involved. Jesus fucking christ, let a man concentrate on his stories instead of flooding a damn board. Kindly go find yourself some shot glasses then play quarters with shots of bleach. I am not going to take the bait to that message board and that place is full of those ExposeTheTard assholes.

The reason you bastards hate my comment feature.

I know why you bastards hate that comment feature I have below, it gives me your IP such as the jackhole who commented on my thing recently because a forum I will not visit knowing the bastards are all fuckstains. I saw another set of assholes editing my covers to make them into something they're not. I went and redesigned Issue Seven's cover to make it harder for them to destroy. Let me address this question, you see a site such as those assholes -- do you believe their lies for truth?
     I will say this, I got a series of articles written now and just waiting for Associated Content to accept them. Both dealing with online trolls and one of my new correspondants gave me informatian about the fat bitch that runs the site. Her real name, and now the search is on to find out what places will be willing to rip her a new one on television or even Blog Talk Radio. I dread the day that Girlvinyl has kids because I would love to imagine how many times her kids will get bullied for the reason their mother being the libelqueen.
     I've been dealing with some of these assholes for years, and I think one of them is herion addict (ahem Ben. Must be doing lines with his parents.) Accusing me of being a drunk when I don't even drink or rarely drink, and when I do have that drink it's just a shot of whiskey or a bottle of beer.
     I might be diagnosed as bipolar type II, but I am more sane than half these crack smoking monkeys who go around stalking me site to site or steal parts of my works without permission (Ahem shitstains on something awful, you better let go of those stories mother fucker. Also this piece of shit decided to steal one of my stories despite the fact I told him to fuck off. Hey Analstain Davis, you had no right to go taking any of my work.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

In An Asshole Tree

The fruit doesn't fall too far from the branches, and I am talking about Ben McClullan here. The bastard got personal by insulting me as a man, so I want to say this -- his parents aren't too far from being assholish than he is. When I tried to be civil. the cunt called me a drunk. All civility went out the window, Bennyfag, this just got even more personal. Well I am writing a story and an article, the article deals with this a little more than the story does. The new story is 2200 words and I will be putting this out in The Ethereal Gazette. Lesson learned -- never try to reason with white trash.
     It doesn't fall too far from the tree when you're talking about people who are flat out assholes. I guess that is why he is part of a community like Customers Suck. I hit it on the head when I mentioned he works in discount retail. Sure I might be suggesting he might end up hiring Bryan Morrigan to investigate me because of that little insult when I called him an asshole, but now I will say his whole family are assholes. Amoral fucker going around smearing someone's name because they are a writer and disabled. I am guessing he's twisting the truth around, taking my ex-room mates side of things.
     Come on McClullan, I dare you to try to hunt my ass down now because I piss on you as a man. I wanted to talk adult to adult but you don't even think like an adult when it comes to being online. When you're online you act like a total asshole. But when I am online, I am exactly how I am in person as I am online. I guess he found fast friends in a faggot from Arizona, the shitty little nickname he gave me -- yeah mother fucker, keep running your mouths and addressing me as something I am not. You both are total bitch's anyway. I wonder if Bryan Morrigan is pissed off enough to try stalking me himself as private investigator. I am sure you're teaching your mother those dirty tricks late at night.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Official Tabloid Purposes 5 Cover

The official cover for Tabloid Purposes 5 can be public but seems like every asshole is speculating that moon on the computer screen was the cover for 5 (seems that The Other Dark Place is so hellbent on making that happen, but I am about to prove those fucks wrong.) Hey asshole, if you think my anthologies suck why don't you try to set up your own submission guidelines instead of being some piss ant cockswallowing blogger who doesn't have a life. (Yeah I know about that shit you jackholes. Do you fucks have lives other than contributing to that shitcult who goes around harrassing people to no end, and making snarky remarks at the expense of everyone's careers or well being.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey RAINFAG piss off.

I want to see the rainfaggot rain in on this parade. The only reason why he's pissed is because he can't get any ladies to get his dick wet on. I don't write for his crowd nor I have the desire to write for his crowd. Meaning I will never write a story for that crowd he represents. He got a little boy for that. Chime in on that chester the child molester. Asshole I got better things to do than to argue with a pair of faceless faggots, as in I got stories to write and novells to finish up. Looks like an asshole went as far as to try to review a story that isn't even finished yet. White Trash who hide behind fake names and one "representing" my home town of Glendale Heights. Motherfucker get used to the fact my work is getting published in different places.
     It pisses me off when people like him go around degrading what heterosexual writers contributed. Hey faggot, try writing something and submitting out then if you get a few strong rejection letters then you can sound off about my work. In otherwords -- get yourself AIDS first. Come on asshole you want a culture war, you're starting one right now with your blog entries. Twisting my fucking worlds around like I am a criminal when you are having sex with your closest blood relative. Heterophobic bitches like you really piss me off but it gives me more fuel to write what I am writing. Fuck your relatives much, liberal cocksmoker. Another reason why I am voting for McCain so assholes like you will NEVER get the vote to say I Do.
     You're little blog caught my attention and still pisses me off, so you want to ruin my readerships do it to my face you mother fuck. FUCK What you do as a writer if you even call yourself that. Put your money where you're mouth is.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I supposed the St. Charles, Illinois, cocksucker is trying to send me a hair metal cd collection when the asshole I think is the one who listens to hair metal. I guess his common sense is pissed away to realize what he's doing is getting old even for his age. What has the cocksucker done that is productive to the community except taking a shit in the pecan logs. Those of you who ordered pecan logs from his place of work, call into there thinking one of the workers took a shit in the box. Are you done Ben? I guess you're not when I am suggesting your job is to take a shit in the pecan logs, and thinking you might have been a troll to my family in real life too.