Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fire with Fire

The threats are becoming more intense with writing this non-fiction book and I will be including one of the hatemails in the book and they won't see a dime from the hatemail they get published. I will make money on all of it. They threaten with book burning, they wasted their own money when they burn a print on demand title. Controversy sells, no one taught you assholes that. I will say this the non-fiction book is 40,000 words too right now.
      So writing this book, they're actually scared of it. I am guessing it is one of the people from Susan Taylor's forum. Yeah she's a complete twat and her boyfriend is a dick too. They got their heads up their ass and thinking it's funny to do a blog that libeled my family getting a book on Amazon that posted every entry from a defunct blog -- making money from trying to railroad publications I've done. Really, I am trying to take the higher road here but when I see losers who are trying to make my address available when it should never be available. It is one of those things people are losers no matter how you go about it. Offering pirated copies of Tabloid Purposes is one thing, but posting my address -- not funny. Or offering pirated copies of the non-fiction book, you think that shit is funny.
      Hey asshole you are in violation of the Fourth Amendment. What you are doing is clearly unconstitutional, so I suggest you close your blog and allow me to write what I want or get the readership I want to get without being harassed. So in that I think what you're doing is completely wrong, and for that fag, Joseph McGee. I didn't get people's information from the HWA directory as you claimed mother fucker. I didn't even know about the directory.