Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Wall Of Shame Post

I always wanted to make an example out of Sangiovanni for the shit she gave me for doing Lake Fossil Press then treating the first roster like shit because the peers I published in the first anthology have more talent and heart than she does. She lives for discrediting me as a writer. She may have insulted one of her dear friends in the business without even knowing it. Mary kept changing my comments to make me look like her loyal fan and was jealous of her. Well I was never jealous of her, the magazine who ran my nonfiction and I were comparing notes about Mary over the phone and the conclusion she drew about her was "professional jealousy." Mary took a shit on the different path I chose to become a published author.
     She was inclined to warn people away from my company because my "shoddy guidelines" for the anthologies and "criminal practices." I am going to include her e-mail address too so everyone can take turns ripping the stuck up bitch a new one. She doesn't have the heart to go on sites like to go seek out new blood of writers who are hungry and willing to give it a go as a published author. For the first time on the wall of shame, Ms Sangiovanni. The only way she will be noticed if she was the guest of honor at a Bukkake party. Dammit Philbin now you got me making Bukkake jokes. Whether Mary Sangiovanni or Mike Brendan like it or not -- I am one of their peers. I published a lot of my peers in the industry, not just the young writers came to me when I did the first Tabloid Purposes but I got a few who were a year older than me. The first namesake I had a few writers who were my age contributing. I began to know who my peers are in the business. her e-mail address is included in this hatmail message so play nice. Her text is in baby batter white.

This where you sound like a slut.From:

I don't have to like you, respect you, or accept you as one of my peers. You are a psychotic, probably closeted, filthy little asshole whose insecurities run so deep that hate is all you know. You are not a publisher or a writer, you're just a miserable little dork that never fit in and you're taking all your impotent anger out on me. (All the publishers and writers I worked with will tell her otherwise.)
       I wouldn't suck that shriveled little pud you call a dick if you were the last semi-human being on the earth because 1) I'd never find it and 2) I don't want your diseases and 3) you repulse me so much I'd rather turn to women than be anywhere within touching distance of you. (This is the lulz worthy comment. She makes a crack about my cock. She can suck it if she wants. Has she even seen me naked? I don't like someone walked in on me and six people walked in on me at my apartment party. Fucking voyeurs. Did she come out a lesbian?)
       You are seriously I'll. A doctor needs to medicate you and lock you away. You need decades of therapy. (There it is -- this is how she fucked herself)
       Don't bother to respond to this. I'm blocking you everywhere I possibly can. Now for the 8000th time, LEAVE ME ALONE. (The aftermath ladies and germs; see the tag where she really fucked herself. She more worthy of Encyclopedia Dramatica than me on this one comment along. The anthology she actively stifled for years -- the wrath of Tabloid Purposes had came upon her. The backlash with this infamous comment became my resolve to end her career. )
       I also have no obligation to put up with your bullshit. Have fun getting kicked off the Internet.

I shared this one with the roster pervert because he jokes about someone should cum in her ass. He is one of the authors who still cracks me up. I respect him and he's got a really nasty perverted sense of humor. I am capable of making such blue humored jokes too, one of those jokes was at Sangiovanni's expense in an interview. She is still extremely pissed off about the joke too calling extremely misogynistic -- I don't hate woman, I love women to tell the truth but there are the few who are just the raging bitches in the world. Mary Sangiovanni has a reputation for being a raging bitch. I made the blue humor jokes at her expense because she kept calling me untalented after the fact I got published and sold my work. I got some holier-than-thou jagoff saying I will never get noticed because the horror genre doesn't care about me. The asshole stealing my characters and titles brag that no one gives a fuck about Tabloid Purposes. Brian Keene is making threats of having all my accounts shut down because he doesn't like when someone is really sarcastic with him and will make disgusting incest jokes at his expense. I told him he had better luck getting his mother pregnant. Keene made a remark saying that he was going to make it hard for my family to hold a job and go after the house as well as making sure the only career I have is flipping burgers at McDonald's. Don't fuck with my personal life, being buddy-buddy with the first woman I dumped a load of cum into and her saying I beat her in a comment edit on her wordpress blog and she e-mails me saying I am a fucking laughing stock. This is coming from my first fuck.
     Brian Keene claims in an e-mail that I am "blacklisted" from submitting anywhere and he wants to silence my digital footprint the fuckhole showed up on my facebook fan page as Brian K. Pacione bragging about a book called GAME OVER: HOW PACIONE ENDED HIS CAREER. This is the second time he threatened my career. He and his fuckwads on The Other Dark Place made a crusade to flag this blog because of the offensive remarks I make about the cocksucking party that is the mass market. Mary acts like I had posted naked pictures of her or found her sex tape. (Both of these are urban legend) Mary had been on a real rampage since she had been publicly insulted. She frequently insults everyone I published and the publishers who ran my work. She used the preview of House of Spiders 3 fro her personal toilet. My career had been the personal toilet for her and Brian Keene. One of my eventual members commented on Keene's blog before he became a member of the roster. One of person claiming who knew me for me for a long time talked about the brutal bullying I got in middle school I get brutally bullied by Brian Keene, the faggot Scott Colbert, the hacks at Skullvines Press (the fucks call my published works Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft fandom. I just happen to echo both writers in style. Gruesome Cargo II was a return to the Edgar Allan Poe delivery. The nonfiction story I am writing as N. A. Pacione has traits of Edgar Allan Poe.

Friday, July 12, 2013

new free read on

I decided to make a new short story available for free to read, you have to join to read it. There are some assholes saying I am not worth reading and acting like ta Fandom Wanks. I was going to submit the story to Morpheus Tales but it got too long, I am working on a new nonfiction story called "The Ward." I got one holier than thou asshole acting like he is better than me because I sold work to token markets. I am making the rounds with Gruesome Cargo II. Feel free to post a link to the story on your blog if you like it or send the link around to a few newsgroups.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Graphic Violence

Chiming in on graphic violence in horror fiction, I've been a practioner of graphic violence since the beginnings of being on the internet. My first story had a sexual mutiliation where the dead body was found crucified upside down and his own severed cock was shoved in his mouth. I recycled that death in A Cemetery Dream again in 2000, but I am now playing with themes of self-cannibalism. That alone is going to be something that will be a bitch to place. I am writing a story as a pen name where the characters make fun of gay vampires. I am looking to make the rounds as Lloyd Phillip Campbell too with some publications, but that will be hard to place because it is a work of metafictional horror featuring the cunt behind the defunct Panic Press. This is the first time as a pen name I had a character named "S.E. Cox" I am thinking of submitting this to BizarroCentral for their magazine but they might turn it down because it is too traditional horror for them. It is the first story I write as him that has references of drug use. This is the first time I am getting some payback for what she tried to do to my publishing company three years ago. Both stories are graphic in the horror -- I am talking Edward Lee graphic. I am showing that I am even more graphic than Clive Barker can be.
        In my other blog I talk about trying to find a home for a story that graphic. I am thinking this might be available on smashwords if I can get an account going there. I have Mike Philbin's infamous pen name make a cameo in the story making reference to Chimeraworld being it is the pages where nightmares are made. Gruesome Cargo II wouldn't be out of place in the pages of the first one. I sent it to for consideration and going to write an exclusive submission for Morphues Tales but trying not make it as visceral as Gruesome Cargo II -- story has a lot in common with Survivor Type by Stephen King because of the graphic display of self-cannibalism. The story I am doing as Lloyd Phillip Campbell is equally as graphic and it is critical of gay horror and horrotica. I had this subgenre shoved down my throat by the ex-fiancee when she would read Clive Barker and Poppy Z. Brite, she would say, "Why can't you write a graphic sex scene?" I am working on a toned down story called Fandom Weirdness featuring the character A.J. Poe a character I introduced in The Fandom Writer in 2004. I introduced a character that was his best friend in The Fandom Writer II.
       I link my freebies to the wordpress blog as I post them on,, and On Deviantart I go by my first name as my screen name and I use that site to get a wider readership posting the dark literary fiction stories and the articles. I post my more transgressive works over there too. UncleFossil it is the autobiographical and codexed is my nightamres. I haven't had a nightmare to write about on that journal for the longest time but I use that place for writing samples for magazines to check me out. I am trying to find an illustrator to illustrate Gruesome Cargo II if I have to release it on I am saving that one for longer works. I am trying to get placed in a bigger place to piss Brian Keene, Mary Sangiovanni and the skullvines staff off because the cunts like to edit my comments to pass me off as a crazed fan and a fan fiction writer in the Will and Grace fandom -- fuck that shit, that is gross gay shit. Who the fuck they think I am Tristan Wilde -- the nonfiction faggot blogger on I will not even look at that gross gay shit. I was glad I didn't include Kody Boye when I found out he wrote that gross gay shit. Bandersnatch Books were all a bunch of flaming male cocksuckers who like to have a load ejaculating in their ass.
       None of the founders on Bandersnatch Books have a legit publishing history selling work to magazines in the small press and their leader Scott Colbert took a ripe shit on my anthology that is a museum in print on without even reading it. He likes to read about vampires that take a trobbing cock up their ass. Colbert is a faggot that needs to find a new hobby than to ruin my publications and sabotage contributors for being in the magazine. He is just mad because I don't look at gay horror for the publication. His novella sucks -- I can do better than that without aeven trying. I don't like to read about graphic displays of men taking cum up the ass, that is disgusting. I find lesbianism just as gross and don't want to read about it. I am critical of the GLBT community because they are corrupting the youth. The reason I refused to look at that content is because I didn't want to go against my beliefs to put an anthology together. One contributors after he was pulled from the book came out as gay and said my career is going tank just before I sold my work to other magazines. These so called writers insult every magazine I was ever published in or sold work to. Skullvines insulted withersin for publishing my nonfiction. I didn't promote the issue I was in with Dark Gothic Resurrected was the inclusion of Kody Boye's serial novella and I am glad I didn't publish him because writes horror with all male romance -- gross man I really didn't want to read that.

Friday, June 28, 2013

while I flesh out two works

I am going to post something that will give these fag macabre writers a run for their money -- I can be just as perverse but more personal with it. So I am linking a personal dark entry from -- it is titled 21 Days. I am working on a novel that is a true tribute to the horror writers who are fathers and son, Richard Matheson and R.C. Matheson, Stephen King and Joe Hill. Those are the four I call to mind here -- Joe is going to influence a lot of writers like his dad does. He is his father's son, talented and imaginative with his approach to horror. I read the bonus short story in Heart Shaped Box -- I will be reading the novel soon. A few writers I appeard with cite Joe Hill as an influence on them. The new short story I am working on is going to give some of the more perveres horror writers a run for their money. It is not erotic horror -- I will never write that sort of thing but it would be my first forray into writing body horror. I always thought about writing that sort of thing for a long time, I did it with Bite of the Spider and lookming to publish this kind of horror when I do my real person horror anthology for I have the guidelines posted and I will not look at male male romance because it is disgusting.
     I am sick of that kind of literature flooding the market -- I don't want to read about two men kissing each other or two women kissing each other, I can see people screaming at the computer calling me a bigot but I am a regular guy and think that is repulsive. I find it morally wrong. It is too much flooding the market and it is flooding the speculative fiction market. That is what I was talking about when I said no alternative romance in the pages of Tabloid Purposes. When I saw the preview of the sniveling brat's novella in the magazine I appeared in I was thankful he wasn't included in the pages of Tabloid Purposes IV. I get pissed off when they flood the inbox with message saying, "take me out now" and he was towards the middle, at the time he was just fourteen and trolling the message boards. I don't want to see anything gay lit for submissions to my anthologies or the magazine -- I am a born again Christian I don't agree with it and will speak out against it. It is not God's desgin for a man and another man to marry nor a woman and another woman to marry. I believe firmly that marriage is a scared vow between one man and one woman before God. The novel will have this aspect -- I am trying to play down the inspirational stuff but focus on the genre nods. I am looking for a genre publisher for the novel when I have it done. I am actually thinking about sending it to Deadite Press. If I co-write with a writer I will send to
      I have I I got a lot of flack and criticism for my no sex policy. I had a lot of sex with women just don't like writing about it -- I don't fuck and tell. I already did the sex and horror type fiction -- I even wrote a sexual mutilation in a story where the guy has his own dick cut off and it was shoved in his mouth as he was crucified upside down. That is something that put me up there with the writers on The House Of Pain. I am capable of the transgressive fiction like Bret Easton Ellis but I am not influenced by him. I wrote a story like that n Dirty Black WInter called FUCKBEATER a psychological horror story where one of the characers get their throat slit with a papercutter. I am capable of very dark and psychotic takes of traditional horror -- the straight version of the author who wrote Fight Club. My memoir has about as many fights as that novel. The new story I am working on might end up having a couple fainters if I read it live. That would be the funniest thing seeing people faint from me reading something really graphic -- the imagery of cockroaches crawling in human flesh might get to some people.
      J.M. Heluk noticed muy extreme stuff in 2002 when I was posting on a site called Thought I am one of the heavyweights in the small press macabre being I can do the truly macabre work where I would make me vomit in the mouth a little bit when I think about it -- I don't portray someone masterbating in a story but I play around with a concept Stephen King did in Survivor Type. The new short story is very depraved for me -- it is a sequel to the short story that broke my journal on diary-x to having a following because of The House of Pain appearences. I appeared there three times -- Dirty Black Winter will have the entries of mine that appeared in the final edition to carry fiction. I met a lot of talented writers on The House Of Pain some are too depraved for me to personally publish but I will refer them to a market that publishes that sort of thing. I suggesed to one writer to tone it down because he wanted to go pro with his work. I am just in the last three years writing extreme material again, the novel is a little moodey with the darkness in there with colorful characters. The short story is very dark like Richard Matheson's Hell House. I am doing a story that has the dark surreal yarn but having my macabre traits -- I am using some fetish imegery for this one, sort of making Marique De Sade puke in his mouth a little bit. The new short story I would send to Deadite Press if they were putting together an anthology. They pulbish cult horror. Dirty Black Winter could had been something I might had submitted for publication there but theyu might not allow The Fandom Writer as the lead story. There are a lot of people in the business that save the most backlash towards The Fandom Writer. Nine years later they still want my blood over this short story. I penned a controversial classic. I did the really dark stuff without being perverse or depraved -- keeping it PG-13 for publications but the new story is an adult horror story.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

policy posted on fan fiction

I am detailed about fan fiction guidelines of my work and will allow it for Lake Fossil Only with the condition I get to publish it in The Ethereal Gazette. I am doing an anthology of real person horror featuring me as a character but I ask contributors to read Namesake II for the model story to this idea -- I want them to be straight up balls to the wall scary horror. Nothing sexual or slashy oriented -- I don't want to see male male romance, female-female romance, female female erotica, no trans shit either, or male male erotica. That is gross. The memoir is the source material for the fan fiction stories based off me, I want them written in the vein of Richard Matheson and Richard Christian Matheson. Intelligent and surreal is what I am looking for with one story being features on the blog with a page dedicated to the best story overall. I am not looking for anything resembling Andrew Wolter or Poppy Z. Brite. But I want stories to feel not out of place on Mike Philbin's anthologies he published over the years. I want the writers to be creative and have a full range of creativity with the dark subject matter. My trademark style is using real haunted places -- akin to In The Reflection Of A Lens. I am looking for help to format the book to publish it on but I am looking to work with -- my strict guidelines for the magazine are in effect for the anthology and the size I am going for is 260 pages. Think the publications I put out in the past and what I was featured in for examples here -- the suggested reads will be posted on this one blog entry too for those looking for help to get ideas for the stories. I am looking to pitch the anthology to since I joined there nine years ago to play around with ideas that are unique to me but sneak great deals of originality in there--I got in trouble for being too original for
       I want to work with another editor to make this anthology work, something that needs a collaboration between two editors to make it happen. The weirder the stories and more surreal -- the better, I write with a lot of surrealism like Mike Philbin but it is more toned down. I am working on a short story right now that is another sequel and looking to send it off to a paying market. I am trying to convince Jordan Bobe to be the co-editor on this project because it's got some of the traits of Darkened Horizons: Issue 3's closing story. I can hold my own with Gabrielle Faust and Kevin Lucia in that anthology but that one had a lot of egos -- none of the writers involved got along except for Colin who appears in The Ethereal Gazette as the closing writer. I want to do something that has an oil painting for a cover like the namesake 2 has. I have the rules laid out for the masses here -- and want everyone to be on the same page when it comes to this pet project as an anthologist. I want to work with createspace or on this one. I want to publish the book in a 5.5 x 8.5 trade paperback. I want to do this as a print only anthology -- but I want to co-edit a kindle or nook only anthology too with another editor who can operate software on a desktop computer. Laptops are good for writing but when it comes to editing a publication it is hard as hell.
      I know my fans well in the business, they like to kick peoples asses -- they fight, drink beer, smoke cigarettes, pissed off and intelligent. I stole one of Poppy's fans with Library of Bones -- so I am looking for fan fiction based off that short story. It was published on and it was one of my stronger stories I wrote in 2003 -- it got noticed by Nicholas Tillemans. I am looking for that kind of dark but not perverse. If you want to collaborate on the stories with another writer that is fine. I welcome collaborations. I published a collaboration between two brothers and they are billed as The Davis Brothers on the TOC. I published a writing team on The Ethereal Gazette: Issue One. I want to do more with collaboration teams as a publisher. I am trying to do this real person fan fiction anthology as an excise as an editor to train my eye to those who can stay faithful to my visions as a publisher. Tabloid Purposes broadscope was twisted horror and mind-bending Science Fiction but accessible enough to the teenager to shock their parents -- I wanted a cover where the parents will say, "What the fuck are you reading? At least you're reading books and not watching TV all the time." I like weird and surreal -- but nothing too pervers. I am co-writing a story with one of the contributors on the namesake one's reboot. I will be writing the introduction for this anthology where it will pay tribute to Richard Matheson and his influence on the writers in Tabloid Purposes IV and my story in the namesake one. The model for the fan fiction anthology is my story in namesake 2. I want nothing that would fit in the queer horror anthologies that are published out there or the erotica anthologies that are published in the small press. I want inventive not sleazy.
       I noticed that slash writers are little sleazy--and that is why The Fandom Writer seems to piss them off. The story is a swipe at Poppy Z. Brite in 2004 when I first wrote it -- I submitted the story for a contest but the judge was the editor of Queer Fear. My anthologies was the straight writers answer to that trend. I wanted writers who are straight and Christian. I was blessed to worked with Christian writers from the very beginning but I want something that wouldn't be too out of place in a bookshelf along side Frank Peretti or Ted Dekker. I want an illustrator who is talented as A.P. Fuchs illustrating this anthology but helping me design the covers on photoshop because I want to have the cool spine layout. I am thinking of making the anthology available on but they don't have the size I want for the anthology. The thing with working with Creatspace is you need a pdf blender to put the pdf's together into one document. That is what I like about they do that all for me. I just need someone to help me design the wrap around covers to make the anthology seamless. I want it something cool that I can see what people do with me as a character in a story -- but make the story original.
      Tucker in Chimeraworld so Mike gets some attention for his anthologies -- give the books supernatural powers. I want the stories to be genrecletic. That is Mike's term. I want a dark delivery that belongs entirely to the contributor. I am looking to run this through some channels and have working titles going in my head for the anthology. I might enlist the Tabloid Purposes roster to look over the stories with me -- I want to borrow a trait that Kaplan did when he edited Emanations having more than one editor working on a project but one editor calling the shots who stays or who gets cut. I want writers good enough to invade Clive Barker's website like I did 13 years ago. I linked up the short story that did just that when I did a wall post on I am promoting the anthologies I did and appeared in hard on the groups. It is hard to get contributors who are keen to a vision you have for an anthology but when it works it works. I was blessed to work with as many writers as I did over the nine plus years as a publisher -- I have been a publisher almost as long as A.P. Fuchs -- I was lucky to work with him to illustrate Faraday Nelson's short story in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 12.

Thursday, May 23, 2013 is updated and so is make yourselves at home on there. I use the latter of the two for the freebies -- I am real and some people might not had guessed that being they got me assumed to be David Boyer when Boyer doesn't keep a blog. Plagiarists don't blog because they don't talk about what they are stealing. I am working on a manuscript but the computer burns my fingers at times because the laptop overheats.

New freebie found here updated about a month ago -- I have writer's block but easing through it. I am working on a manuscript where it is about 10,000 into it. I am still working on it too. I have a new blog up on -- I haven't abandoned this blog just things got busy with a death in the family. The last update to Writings From The Grave was a new guestbook and I moved back on that one is updated more than this one is though. I will be updating this one again soon though.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

house cleaning

I am cleaning out my inbox and damn does it need some house cleaning. I got over 5000 e-mails in the gmail inbox and never expected it to be that conjested. Even when I was active using it to submit out it never got like this.