Monday, July 30, 2007

Guidelines are drawn up for Six

The guidelines are ready for six and he blames me for him closing his magazine. You interviwed me, and you were wanting to stop the Tabloid Purposes machine. I didn't do anything except to be myself. The guidelines are ready for the magazine and I will throw those up soon. I will be making it a higher paying market again too.

I did the guidelines and they're ready to go. My magazine is going to be active again too after the anthology is finished. The deadline is announced, and trying to get thing things ready for a convention. All I want to do is sell some books damn it. I am still working on the non-fiction book too and seems like Dagstine is wanting to stop that book from going to press. The book is reformatted to see how long it is -- right now it is about 34,000 words and climbing from there.

I ain't no fucking monster. I am just a man who seems to not fit the current landscape of things nor do I want to. I honestly wish him the best with the magazine and he begged me to submit him something. I was just busy with other projects and a story that I had was a reprint status. It's a fucked up thing that he'd blames me for the demise of the Literary Bone. I had nothing to do with that.

He wanted to see my small press die in the progress, but that thing is bigger than I am and some assholes are going around typing up bullshit stories about the books on LFP -- and I did start a new imprint for the non-fiction book in case someone decides to go after the book. All the other files won't be lost.

Dagstine, look -- you were libeling me about using your story on Tabloid Purposes IV. I originally accepted it remember I told you that when I got the story, but now that you withdrawl your story -- you decided to start a mutiny before it even starts. I am busy trying to meet a shit load of deadlines here, and what I hate doing is having smaller submission windows. I was nothing but professional with you and now your fucking new friend xxneveahxx is trying to fuck everything up here in Chicago because of what, that I left the apartment because I was tired of being broke. The fact the bitch is libeling the fact the birds were left in the cold when they got a good home in a long time friend's place.

You have to be able to take the heat when doing a magazine, and yes it will get tough doing one. Even dealing with the impossible people too. Pretending to be a friend too -- man that is low of the low.

For fuck's sake -- I have a Conservative mindset and does that make me a criminal. Then all these assholes who were out of the old regime decided to get in on the act. The moment I try to protect myself on there you get all bitchy and whine about it. Blame me and trying to destroy my publications sorry man, that won't fly well with me. Mr. Painted Smiling Face.

Blacklisting me won't work because people tried to have me blacklisted on a number of occasions. Even getting kicked out of the Horror Writers' Association because of what I was defending a project I edited nearly three years ago. Just because someone didn't get their way of getting a book of mine cancelled. Yeah there are many factors for a small press folding. My unconventional methods make it work, using an anthology to get another writer out there is the main reason I am out there as a publisher. If they can use my press as a stepping stone to get their feet wet, then I did my job.