Sunday, September 14, 2008

More from that asshole

This is the nutter's own words, but now I know why they came after me because I told off the raven haired twat. I will say Brian Keene accused me of being a lot of things, misogynistic and plagiarism, are the two biggest things on the list. The schmuck is just mad because I got stories published in the recent years. I am willing to bet he actually set up the whole piracy thing of my non-fiction work. I am also going to go on a limb here when I say the Goons came when they realized I can't be handled alone. The more my work gets accepted, the accusations start pouring in.
    My only crime here is that I actually was the one who blantantly said "Fuck You" to him and his little goons actually made it clear they commit acts of copyright infringement. It all came together when I saw that Pathogen joined this site too, and for the schmucks on Stupid Free gang up and not even giving a chance to argue back. See also The Myspace Mom for the reference, I am linking up the actual article of that to here -- the news source is Fox News.

"Take Nicky offline = Problem solved.
     But since you let him keep on being an abrasive abusive arrogant shithead online 24/7, we understand that you think status quo is ok. Hence, we keep on giving Nicky his just rewards. This is the bed that Nicky is making - we’re letting you lie in it.
     Actually, why am I even making the effort of a civilized response here? After all that he’s done? Nicky should go eat a shotgun and rid the world of the epic failure that is his existence. If Nicky died by his own hand tomorrow, who would feel sad about his passing? We’d all rejoice at the thought of worms boring into his corpse, turning his unwashed body into so much swiss cheese."

This joker is what they call the male equal to the myspace mom. The son of a bitch harbored repeated plagiarism of my characters, and trying to get people to pirate my books. This is Finland's version of white trash. I am a photo from his site for an example here. What's the word I am looking for with this "fan fiction" writing douche. He's a Nutter. The asshole suggested take my outside communication away from me like some douche, once a douche always a douche and this is exactly why I wrote the article The Hive Mind. I think he was called in for reinforcements because of the whole thing with getting a crank stain's blog shut down for a few hours.
     I am willing to bet that Brian Keene is clammering to send him a free book because of his shit he's doing to me. Well I got a story done that deals with these kind of douches, he's right there with the 50 Foot Cockroach. The problem will be solved when you cease and desist from stealing my work and remove the book from your file manager. I am putting on spot too for allowing this shit to go on. I know their kind. I know this kind all too well because I wrote about this kind in my book. I am willing to bet this asshole actually would kick his own dog the first chance he got.
     If wants me dead, then he has to come to shoot my ass because I am not planning my death anytime soon. He's basically doing the same shit as this particular dick who send me submissions that were word for word my short stories except for a few words edited to make them look like something that a 16 year old homoerotic fan fiction writing brat would do. But going back to, it's not like I did have sex with the nutter's wife.