Wednesday, September 17, 2008

They hate Conservatism.

Great, now they're trying to flag my blog because of what I am encouraging. It's not a full out hate, I just don't want to see any Poppy Z. Brite Clones and seeing her picture is one reason human cloning should be banned. The shit storm is really going now with the last few comments. I can't voice a Conservative point of view on here. Since when was it illegal to have a Conservative Bias? Things just got ugly to fucken ugly, but with Jodi Lee walking around one can only imagine how bad she crushed her skull as she had her head up her ass.
     That is their world, all they smell is shit. The mutiny that Baxter started will be the thing that will be the revolution on my side of things, the fact I am just waiting for word from her ex-publisher about my guidelines. She's living in a house of cards right now with that little stunt she pulled. That Devil's Child playing games with lives of other authors and it's pissing me off. The cunt took a big old shit on a the grave of dead author by doing so. Fucking asshole.
     Go ahead and get the ass fuck organization on my ass, I am really not afraid there. I will tell them the same thing I am telling all of you bastards stealing my characters and holding my imprint hostage. Kiss my ass. Keep in mind Baxter took the shit on my lawn first.