Friday, September 12, 2008

More out of the Context....

The fun in being published with Associated Content, the assholes who read the articles take what I say out of context when I wrote the article with a strong acid burning truth behind it. They think those articles are going to do some damage wait until I get the new stories finished that I got working on right now. Examples of The 50 Foot Cockroach, SableCrank, and Karen Koehler taking what I said out of context. I can account for every short story I've written.
          The thing that will piss them off with the articles is that the place is open 24/7. When they link the article up, I going to earn royalities on that article. Not a lot of money but those who have the more than 100 articles on there will earn the money. I am locking horns with thirty and forty-something fan idiots. Yeah that is something I learned early on those are the ones who are going to be smearing the worst. The very fact one of them admitted to doing a submission call for stories on a Disney series that aren't authorized.
          They will get that same fate who wrote the "novel," Another Hope. As much as dickhead Matamas and I flat out hate each other, this is the one thing that we both agree on that the book Another Hope the author fucked up in getting published. Yeah I know I am already going to get heat with each of the recent entries but a few were wiping the piss off their face when I wrote The Hive Mind since I am talking about all those sites who go around creating the libel havens. Since The Cockroach decided to slander my entire family, I decided to put this article out there for the whole world to see, and this is one of those that isn't for younger readers because of the ideological climite. This article is part of a huge series I did and thinking it might work as a collection or an anthology of writers who did similar stories that deal with this hivemind climate. This is the other article that I tossed up on It takes on this entire hostile environment of internet politics. That body politic that goes around for a number of years that some would go shunning someone because they don't agree with an entire liberal ideology.
          They freely use the p-word towards me. When sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica and their siblings had libeled everyone and anyone they like to pass off as fact. These are the idiots who go around trying to find a fandom for everything. Trying to look into everything with original fiction origins and then trying to pass that shit off as fan fiction too. Lights out for them, and seen in their world view is a scary world to think about -- call me a conspiracy theorist here, but when they see their world crumbling down they get ugly about it. Tossing around the claims that I did that -- it's bullshit when they have admitted to stealing works of mine over the years, one blogger had admitted to stealing my old banners and old works just to get me to break. But I have yet to shatter and won't shatter either.
          All you're doing is giving me ideas for my articles and for my new short stories. I don't have writers block either. IT shows that how far some would go and yes they are the human version of a cockroach.