Friday, September 12, 2008

Any rebuttal to the human cockroaches

I'm going to write on this blog and this blog only, and one of those cockroaches right now is Poppy Z. Brite. Correct me if I am wrong Poppy, the only reason you've been on the offensive now is because I did sell stories to magazines and got a story published on another mag. The Crusty Rail and other clone sites are going to be a colony of human cockroaches. Yeah they have that same mentality, you get rid of of their blogs another five or six will come back.
            Poppy, one thing I suggest is read the articles before you rebut me but then again I am getting paid for those articles fcr each hit you make on them. Keep linking those articles you're giving me money but seems like the Crusty Rail did a screen shot to steal my copyrighted material. I guess that is part of the motives of the assholes now. The very fact some of them decided to make my life hell on and managed to get one account shut down because I was speaking up for my work. If this doesn't register with you jokers, see my video blog.
            The human cockroach brigade are The Crusty Rail, The Other Dark Place, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Fuckyoulist,,, and Stupid Free. Yeah they seem to colaborate with each other. Correct me if I am wrong, didn't SomethingAwful produce a murderer? That puts them right there as murder groupies. The last post The Human Cockroach who had managed to get my livejournal shut down, I will also say that those human cockroaches lack a journalistic integrity.
            Wait, didn't they get in trouble with the IRS? The fun in looking up the shit on That site is good for knowing your enemy, and they call themselve a comedy site -- oh horseshit. They got a great little scam going over there, steal $10 from the person so they can make fun of them. Yeah why scam people like that, and makes you wonder what the bastard does with your money too. They call themselves a comedy forum, but I call them "You earned the right to an ass kicking."
            Yeah one of those places emerged three new enemies and they are more hellbent than usual. The fact that one of flooded the servers for weeks and then got my relatives locked out of the web. My family doesn't shun me, just that I have different opinions on things in the house and like to have my independence at times. That is the only thing we disagree on. The very fact and idea that human cockroach league would stoop to doing prank calls when it comes to my family. The 40 Foot Cockroach is one of those who would stoop at nothing to accuse someone of plagiarism. They even impersonated a small press writer and saying that under that persona trying to claim stories I wrote in the timeframe between 2004-2006.