Friday, October 3, 2008

In the 11 years I've been online

I only had to change servers only three times. I am just getting everything set up for getting a laptop so I can be mobile with running Lake Fossil Press that means when I am signing books I can edit the other anthologies. I wouldn't care if I got a refurbished laptop with Windows XP as long it has Open Office and Word on the same deal. Just give me a vehicle to edit my photographs and allow them to be the covers and then I am good to go.
     A few assholes got mad and decided to force me off one server saying I had a lot to blame for it, that's bullshit and they know it. Then this bastard who went around stealing one of my characters and saying it got copyrighted for a game -- the first name Nick is a common first name but the long version of that name is not always common. Kane is a very common last name. I noticed that one person from SomethingAwful is pissed off that I got two connections that I will be doing all in my name. I don't have the cell phone but I got wireless internet. I am going to use both connections as needed -- one to upload books with and the other to upload multi-media.
     Seems like the little bastard brags about sneaking into one of my projects but I don't think he's in my anthologies. I already checked and will be getting the fifth book next month before a few planned signings. Some might be saying I load a few books in a backpack and take them to the show. They got it wrong. I wish I had someone helping me with the driving side of things (almost need a truck to get back and forth for signings.) I have each box loaded up 80lbs each. I am carrying at least 75% of my bodyweight there. And up and down stairs to boot on the L.
     This is why I am considering getting a P.O. Box in Chicago too when I do signings, the plan would be go there during the week of the signing and then when it gets there go pick up the mail at the P.O. Box and answer mail at the hotel that I will stay at. This is when I live in a hotel or a hostel for a few days out of a month. (Though I am starting to feel a little old to be staying in hostels. It would been a better arrangement at 26 years old, but now here I am in my early thirties.) A more suitable arrangement will be a central area where it is not far from the CTA or anything like that.
     That will be the start of the furniture search too, and storage space for it. Yeah storage will be a bitch but it's almost needed becausE I do live in a full house. I know that I will be getting another apartment again eventually, a matter of when and trying to find something based on my income as long it doesn't look like a total dive. Digital TV, damn that's also a possiblity too. When I get on my own again I will have DSL and wireless. I did have one of those Tracphone, but that died on me so I am thinking for this purpose of going to the city I would need to establish another phone again to get things going. Prepaid means I am not going to be paying the damn roaming charges (that's what killed me in Iowa.) Rural area and living above a bar (the place is no longer there too. I wonder what happened to the owners -- perhaps they burned the place down and get the insurance money from it.)