Thursday, September 18, 2008

Since they're threatening to take over Tabloid Purposes again, never fails -- I am almost done with Tabloid Purposes IV's reworked appearance and agreed to let me go in and rework the files to make them a stronger horse. Baxter fuck you, I guess you should have been a better fit for Queer Fear.
     Since Koehler isn't doing The Blackest Death anymore -- I am tempted to take it over, but just playing with the thought. Since she's fucking with Tabloid Purposes. I got this particular asshole who goes on as I will figure this asshole's IP number. I guess there should be an exorcism in order.
     There's also this one asshole who likes to take a shit on my name and my hometown. They really don't have a life, and their career is basically stalled. I guess they are trying to come up with every little rumor to smear me with now but I guess some of them are wanting to get a fan fiction anthology together. This one writer's career who is telling people not to submit to my anthologies entire career is fan fiction.
     This is Christne Morgan's body of work, what does she do put these on a print on demand? This is Another Hope waiting to happen once again. I think Brian Keene is celebrating this one too which makes me sick all the more. They go pirating my non-fiction book for what because I go after these kind. Does Disney know about this?