Monday, September 15, 2008

More Hate Mail

From: ZombieWriter: <>
To: Nickolaus Pacione: <>

"You should be ashamed of yourself. Between the comments about flood insurance and the comments about Brian Keene (who's ten thousand times the writer you'll ever be), you've gone from an idiot sideshow attraction to a total monster. You are a disgusting human being, and deserve any amount of grief people give you.

You make me sick."

This is coming from a jackhole who was trying to make a character I created into an erotic writer. Asshole. When this asshole goes around committing acts of plagiarism on one of my characters, does he really have a place to really comment on an innocent remark relating to Flood Insurance. Looks like asshole made t-shirt out of the graphic I did and it's making him look like a total douche. I guess the naked wife pictures were a little vulgar for him. I've been accused of being seen as a monster my entire life and writing a book that these goons freely pirated the shit out of just to make themselves look like they can get the best out of someone with a disability.
     It's almost a taboo to joke about natural disasters in code. Wait correct me if I am wrong with the entry I made on the other blog, isn't Bohmer a Wiccan/Pagan and what she believes comes back on her times three? Maybe this might be that coming on her times three for all the writers she dissed and even took a shit on her best friend. The comment above is from someone who is from a website that produced two murderers. The one murderer being "Bomber166" aka Andrew Alfred. I did a video relating to the fact they produced two murderers and they got extremely pissed about it. They want to accuse me of plagiarism when they committed copyright infringement.
     They like to argue fair use, well I am going to post up the picture of one of those murderous goons and DJ Pathogen wants to be associated with that site. I guess he was a murder groupie. Well it wouldn't surprise me at all if they produced a few child molesters too because looks like a child molester. As for these assholes saying they are handing me my ass, bullshit -- I just handed all of them theirs in the last few blog enties and I am hardly breaking a sweat when I am working on a new short story too.
     I am still meating away on the story and at the same time reading all the shit-bloggers entries. I am waiting for the stupid free assholes to catch wind of my new article. Typical minimum wage earning losers who have no respect for their elders, and dealing with a few others on here who are obsessed sacks of shit. That is a typical goon trait.