Saturday, September 13, 2008

PZB chimes, and the hurricane of insults begin.

You want Asshole I can give you an ASSHOLE. If Poppy Z. Brite encourages piracy of my articles, I am going to present this what if someone pirated five of her books, or what if Koehler decided to steal six of her books via five finger discount. It wouldn't cross my mind that Koehler as a teenager practiced the five finger discount.

"I don’t actually look at his articles unless somebody re-posts them somewhere. He’s already getting enough of my money sucking on the government tit."

Can someone please tell this bitch to shut up. It is offical, she thinks I am the Anti-Christ. Would you like some cheese with that whine? What do you expect from someone who never had a kid, menopause. I am just a little creative in fighting back against the naysayers but making a little money while doing it.

This one is a little more censored and pointed to a few people who encouraged them to steal my articles. Since Poppy Z. Brite encouraged people to steal the article by doing screen shots along with Karen Koehler encouraging fuckers to be total faggots with my work, this video is addressed at the douche sisters. It proves they are both douches in this sense, I would love to imagine Koehler losing her brother's prized Delorean on PINKS.
      I am making fun of the fact people are writing fan fiction from Poppy's work, and I am just waiting for one person to actually make all her characters straight and her beloved G-Man having a wife and a baby. That would piss her off more than anything I think because she's an it of a bitch. Yeah it pissed me off that Koehler even invoked the idea of someone writing a fucking yaoi story of my work. That's the work of a total bitch at work. Someone who got extremely offended by an idea by a Conservative America too. This blog I do allow the comments but I get to moderate them incase a douche goes around like what Brian Keene did to make me look like some faggot.
      Makes me sick they gave the douche squad full blessing to go stealing my work, examples being from that asshole who called himself and the douche that is 50 Foot Cockroach. I met a few cool people who write fan fiction and don't slash the shit up, but the ones who write slash and yaoi fiction are the ones who are the total douches. I guess the trailor trash from the mountains has crabs today. Wait, don't tell me she got crabs from her own brother? I guess I have to be a little gross when dealing with these bastards, smear campaign vs. smear campaign except that I will tell the truth about them in the smear.
      Oh I can see myself getting my ass kicked for that one because I decided to go there, since the bitch decided to mess with my family on The Other Dark Place the way she carries herself is she always has Aunt Flo over, and brother is making tea with the rag. Yes I can be nasty sometimes but with that twat stalking my real life friends I have to be, forget it Koehler they don't want to bang you. You can't accept the fact I sold stories to magazines and got published and paid for my articles and the money will come in every day with those too. Just when I get the clout for the articles, I will see more money coming in -- I am starting to think she was one of the people who received a pirated copy of the book. She's just another RJ Sevin who has some questionable practicles of professionalism or the lack there of. Picture RJ Sevin on the Rag you got Koehler. I guess they're going to call me sexist with this rant but in truth I am very far from that. Then again I am dealing with someone who is going around stealing fiction, yeah I am talking about the fact she writes Vampire Hunter D fan fiction!