Saturday, September 13, 2008

more from the human cockroaches

I got another asshole submitting stories that were blatantly stolen from my work, this time the jackhole stole The Ferrymen's Wheelchair which originally showed up on then appeared on House of Pain E-zine. A story that was previously published in the first Tabloid Purposes. You all want to say hello to the hackhole I could post his e-mail address and IP number. I guess Louise Bohmer condones the fact these assholes are willing to plagiarize my work just to try to get into the magazine. This is the mother fuckers' e-mail, and the plagiarizing jackhole's IP is Hey Sage of All Fields, get a life fucking motherfucker. The mother fucker's IP is the same as the asshole who brags about trying to sneak into my magazine under an assumed name and hides behind the pen name of George Thompson. I don't fucking appreciate the fact you bastards are slashing up my characters. That is the ultimate form of disrespect.
     Hey Poppy, do you condone that shit to my work you IT OF A BITCH. I guess as long it isn't your work they're doing that too then you don't care. You already showed you blatantly disrespect anything I do. I am willing to bet you also write fan fiction from stolen characters too early in your life. It pisses me off and feels like I got kicked in the balls when someone goes aroud slashing my work up. It's not funny. Get a life you queers. For fuck's sake, fair use doesn't include the blantent theft of my characters and making them into faggots.
     IT's bad enough that Brian Keene tries to make me look like a total fruit, but when you assholes doing that to my work. It's character assassination. You human cockroaches who post on go around promoting the fact you have a murderer on your forum, it doesn't surprise me if you have child molesters on the forum too. What are your policies on writers who create fan fiction from authors you hate, I guess you're willing to jump in the fire and contribute to that too because your characters are SODOMITES. In the history of my published years, I've never went around and stole characters from you or Brian Keene to make them look like total assholes. Doing that kind of shit is kind of like playing with fire because you will end up being the one that gets burned in the end.