Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey Keene, your "Act" is getting old

Actually Keene, I prefer the original version over the one you tried to pass off as me. Fucking loser.
    By the way Keene — I hope you enjoyed Apt. 2W, that’s if you didn’t throw the magazine across the room knowing I was in it. Hey Necci my work in print is much better than the older work that you see on here. I managed to sell to magazines in the recent years. So you want to keep going with this asshole, you’re a fuck for posting this Keene. Can you accept the fact you and I are in the same magazine together?
    I will never buy a book of yours, as you like to pirate copies of mine or obtain stolen copies of a nonfiction book as what your new friends had done on What you did Keene is almost predicatable so I posted a copy of that comment on my blog over here. You think you're clever. Well you're just an asshole. You harassed my grandmother zombie man, that doesn't look good to your career doesn't it. The very fact you were interviewed in this magazine I appeared in with that one story, it's going to burn your ass when you forget about publications you appeared in. How many backs did you step on to get where you're at? I am quoting one of the authors on Tabloid Purposes II and IV when I say this.