Thursday, September 11, 2008

Article Accepted.

The article The Hive Mind got accepted for Associated Content. I want to see the jokeers attempt to write fan fiction off the articles knowing it was about them I did this article. There's work on a few new short stories too right now. I want to see the 50 Foot Cockroach respond on his own blog about the article becuase I called him out on his plagiarism.
    The Cockroach is pissed and yeah he's trying to e-mail every single publisher not to run my work when two of his recent friends are admitted to be fan fiction writers. House oF Spiders was never plagiarized. The idea was my own when I created the story. Spectral Exile is 140% mine also. The little tool had stolen my work via a site called I am going to insult him on being a shitty human being and his blog shows this too. He was mad that I got my article out there, if he wants to shut the hell up put his work in a market that both SableCrank and Koehler would publish at conventions.