Thursday, November 6, 2008

Writing Life updates

Headway is made with SHITSTORM and now it is nearly 6000 words. I had a setback with some jackhole posting it on his website, and seems if he had no respect for some of our copyright laws so when I did my update on the wordpress blog reminding him what the European Union Copyright Directive is. Seems like he decided to pose as a local in Chicago who said who'd put me up for a show, just long enough to get my private phone number. I am going to have to play it smarter next time. I am laughing because that is all some of them can come up with when I did the remark called "International Incident."
    They hate when I get political in my insults. The articles are political on and I get sick of the dirty politics going on in the business and some of the dirty politics being done by the egoless hack. I am willing to guess that Mike Brendan obtained a pirated copy of the non-fiction book and reviewed it on Yeah I noticed this too the biggest douchebags within the business turn out to be the shitheads in my same age bracket.
    I am right now doing at least fleshing out the paragraphs on the story, SHITSTORM, and what these bastards are doing are hindering the promotion process. Does that sound like professionalism on their part? Fuck no. Well with that being said -- I got a new article posted on Associated Content and I will note that Poppy Z. Brite refuses to click links on the article because she knows I am going to get paid for each one. It seems that The Rusty Nail likes to steal my content from Facebook too now because it seems like something she'd do. The bitch had stolen the myspace blog postings just to be a douche. I am willing to bet that she was cheering the Finland lawbreaker on as he stole my content, word for word. Now one of them decided to impersonate me on Blogspot.
    The Scottish Pubic Hair sounded off too on the story SHITSTORM. I guess those assholes made it hard for me to actually try to make a phone call that I need to make or two. Well at least it's my phone line their fucking with, but at the same time they are violating another law when they did it. I will say The Digital Copyright Millennium Act does work because they got the one joker pulled down, I am wondering how many copyrights he actually did violate. I am willing to bet he's a repeat offender.