Friday, November 21, 2008

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Off Record

What happens when an author or editor sees their work destroyed on and the person on commits acts of felony.

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I have a new article published and this is going at a few who go around reviewing "donated" copies of books when they are really the pirated versions. Some are celebrating a little early thinking that my storefront would be gone for good. I just can't be vulgar when I review books in an unfavorable nature. Some of them were wanting to go after my associated content site because they lost their accounts for the repeated theft of my footage.
      It seems that some of these blogs are going to post graphics of turkeys dancing on the grave of my company well I hate to break it to them that the site will be back and I will have the guidelines for the new Tabloid Purposes ready to go too. In fact I already have my guidelines written out. Watch them pull out the pickets and the effigies now. I do have a few articles published now and figured I should link those up here too. Just recently I had my privacy stolen from me along with an asshole stealing one story and posting the entire thing without my permission then one psychopathic douchebag going around reviewing "donated" copies of my books when they were pirated.
      I am willing to bet that DJ Pathogen supports all the electronic piracy his new found friends are doing. I am guessing he owns stolen movies on his hard drive, if his new found friends are reviewing pirated books. I guess they are going around trying to find the other stories that aren't even available yet. The fuckstain who posed as a lady caught me at a soft spot, it won't happen again.