Thursday, October 16, 2008

Articles Published, and working on new stories.

Seems that ExposeTheTard can't do a post without stealing someone's content; I guess she's mad because Nature of the Cybertroll got published on Associated Content, and The 20 Foot Cockroach decided to get published on there ripping into me. There area few who out there are doing this and taking turns doing so. They decided they were going to try to alienate some of my friends and steal my content from facebook for their own amusement.

They're going around committing acts of copyright theft, just so they can get away with it. There is a new law that just passed, and I am guessing the uncle fucker calling themselves ExposeTheTard pirates movies too in the theater. You saying you know me, you don't know me mother fucker. I managed to find I.O.W.A. and working on SHITSTORM, and being these assholes are getting into my facebook account and violating copyrights, it is a load of bullshit. Seems that The Crusty Rail is going around stealing my blog entries and actually had the gall to do screenshots of my articles then another faggot going and stealing the article point blank.

People like them had failed time and again at life so they have to go around stealing entries on facebook and the other places. Don't they have respect of something called privacy – I guess the right to privacy is something they have no respect for so one of their new friends is trying to get my private phone number and seeing if he can post it without my permission. Keep trying asshole. For him to steal two articles and post them on his fucking website, that will prove the shut down that I am looking for of him. Also looks like the Cunt named Jennifer Wagner decided to steal TABLOID PURPOSES and make parody stories of each anthology entry and stealing my story SPECTRAL EXILE – word for word plagiarisms of the story.

I noticed that the Scottish Pubic hair decided to post about the stolen articles in a light that promotes e-piracy. The fucker chimed in and encouraged the fuck to steal the articles that I got published over there – he stole three articles and yeah that will be his funeral in that sense, prepare to bury your website loser.

The sad thing I think with these assholes like ExposeTheTard is they are basement dwellers whose life is entirely online. The very fact one of them posted I.O.W.A. in a comment thinking the person who did this is an asshole who calls himself a certain handle on thinking he wants to get into TABLOID PURPOSES when I read his story, the story didn't even fit the guidelines.

I guess the person who stole the article Nature of the CyberTroll is the child molester behind those pictures who decided to terrorize my family with the attempt at a death threat. I am not remotely distracted from working on my stories just that I got some of them reworked into something larger. The plagiarists are out in full force and it is pissing me off to no end. They are entitled to hate me but they don't have the right to go stealing my content to do so. Is that a failed attempt to break me – fuck off.

I guess Benny fag is another one who can't come up with original ideas to take a shit on me because he's too busy sucking his mother's wrinkled tit. Yeah you know you can't come up with anything legit on your own; you got your family involved with your trolling activities so that got my article published – the more clout each article gets that will be what I get in my pocket too.

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