Friday, September 26, 2008

accepted to AC: Nature of the Cybertroll

The Nature of the Cybertroll

Author explores the nature of the beast, the nature of those who are cybertrolls, and go around posting private information about a person as far as overseas. The language here isn't for young readers.
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The Crusty Rail doesn't want you going to the actual website where this article is published at so I am going ot link this here and now waiting for the damn thing to go viral. I think going viral works with articles too as it did with These kind of sites are the worst nightmares of the online liars who go around posting things about people and gettng those people to believe them.
        The crazy bitch actually posted screenshots of the fucking article too which I am not going to give her the honor of being linked. Fuckers have no respect for copyrights when it comes to that sort of thing. My clout level went up one too which means for every 1000 hits I get $1.50. I am thimking the more I write for this site, I think I might be able to be in the professional circut yet. I write articles here and then I submit out at the same time, use the AC stuff as samples of my actual journalism. This place is the worst nightmare for gossip bloggers.
        I guess this is the ugly nature of the beast too; and seeing that a few of those fucking liar sites will be seeing the articles and not link them because they know the more hits those liar sites get and in turn link the articles -- I do get a performance payment. There is a reason why these liar sites hate these places, and one reason being you can't personal attack people in the article by nane. Though when you do an article like that one above or The Hive Mind. It's bound to piss them off becuase they know you're writing about them without actually mention exactly who they are.
        If you're a content producer they're going to hate you on, they're fucks anyway who are nothing but liars. You fuckers on Stupid_free who are doing that kind of shit to people, read the article and choke for a while. Those three groups: The Wanks, The Dramatrolls, and The Goons are three of the most unfunny groups I've seen on here in a long time then what you see on The Other Dark Place is just as bad, but what makes them worst is they are playing the political game. The articles posted above are an answer article to the shit posted on New York Times.