Monday, September 15, 2008

Insert :fucker: here

I guess by now the naysayers found their way to my other blog and caught wind of the aftermath. Seeing the response by one dipshit who sounds really slow from Manotoba. By the way the only way comments are seen there are that I have to approve them first, some would get deleted or spammed if they don't have a real address behind them or if someone actually commits copyright infringement on a regular basis.
     I did notice how the fandom crank told people not to submit to Tabloid Purposes: Book Five, yeah this never fails every year there is always some joker that would do that. I guess the fake Tabloid Purposes anthology on Wordclay threw them off a bit. That was why I had to regroup the guidelines of issue Seven of the magazine, and also the child of the devil telling people not to submit to anything of mine too. If they don't like my anthologies, why don't they put one of their own together. They seem to get off on saying the word "FAIL* but all they're doing is showing themselves to be complete failures.
     Slowly and surely I am stealing their readerships, and something they don't like. They are saying, "What readers?" I have them with the print exclusive work. They know the political game you bastards are playing all too well.
     I am loving to see a few readers show up a few places where they would do conventions at with actual copies of the books. Not reading them aloud, but I will say one jackhole actually took turns bashing on me when I am not around at the last WHC. I am planning to do a few conventions inside of the year but right now I am just sticking to the night club signings for right now so I can finish up short stories and finish up the anthologies. This is the signing season starting up for me afterall.
     I can tell right now that DJ Pathogen is going to be a dick and sabotage some of them too just because he has a big dislike for what I do. I am guessing he might be begging SableCRank for a book signed of her fan fiction works. Yeah some of these assholes are using DA to try to strangle the market, I guess this is that blackout they are attempting to do after seeing the old interview last summer. Koehler even admitted to wanting to write every publisher and magazine editor not to run my work. It wouldn't surprise me if the DJ owns a copy of her books just to flat out piss me off, yeah showing up at the signing with her book then say, "Wait oh shit, Pacione got a signing in Chicago I was expecting Koehler."
     I guess the asshole hates the area he lived becuase he realized I grew up there, and every area that he walked around was my old stomping grounds.
     Calling me a flat out pussy because I like to try avoid a physical brawl in my older years. If we were both 20, I'd say I would be ready to go for a fist fight but now I am trying to play it cool because he's not worth being locked in Stateville over. Getting into it with an anime woreshipping loser isn't something to throw my life away over. That would be the icing on the cake for some of them seeing me get locked away in jail.
     The way he is reminds me of that Evansville, Indianna, basement dweller. Someone like that loser in 10 years -- living at home after college because his major can't help him find a job. It shows how shitty people can get because they don't want to admit that their life sucks as it is. Just because their life sucks and admit to being a basement dweller, they have to go around pissing on people who are onto bigger things. Some of them were pissing down my back because I had my own place for awhile, and that will happen again. Mad because I have to go on disability but being disabled gives me more time to write horror and science fiction. I am self-educated but plan to go back to college to take up documentary writing. That's writing narrations for a documentary for some of you who don't know what that is.
     When I do signings -- hotels are my home for a few days out of a month, the signings are few and far between because of family emergencies but they come. Well one thing as I get published and there are going to be the naysayers, and when they encourage e-piracy of a book. I have two words to say to them, "Fuck them."