Thursday, September 4, 2008

Video Rebuttal

One particular son of a bitch who actually posted my family's private address and phone number. I already know where he got the number from. Remember when the asshole who gave Girlvinyl the phone number in an instant message and she intentionally posted everything word for word? The cucksucker handles the phones on GoatseCon.
       That's how the hairy uncle fucker got it. I have managed to do an entire series of articles based on the hive mind, and this is a very big example of this. How ExposeTheTard and The Crusty Rail bragged about getting my livejournal shut down. I am beginning to think they are still one in the same. The thing about Girlvinyl is she would stop at nothing to get an upper hand about someone, so the fat, raven haired cunt decided to try to get some reinforcements who would result to impersonation of another writer to accuse me of plagiarism. There will be an article exposing this whole mentality they have. That they might call themselves "satire" but what they did is nothing short of what the Myspace Mom had done. The only difference is that I refuse to break, and what this asshole did was strengthend my resolve to filing a lawsuit against Girlvinyl, no lawyers or e-lawyers will protect that bitch for the hell that will come to her and her little friends. I am suing for the shut down of that website, and suing the asshole who owns