Monday, November 10, 2008

The responses to The Hive Mind II and Industry Rivalry

The reactions to both are pretty damn extreme, now I saw one douche been trying to say different things now and they’re throwing around more accusations of plagiarism.   Want to see the buzz with The Hive Mind II – it’s a sequel article and never thought I would actually get something of this nature going.   I will say this much,  you’re entitled to hate me if you’re a member of but you don’t have to right to go violating my privacy or stealing my content word for word.        

I think it’s kind of funny how they are going to be tossing around accusations of being a racist when I am not even remotely racist.  Industry Rivalry saw the most hostile response but I got one that I accidently removed and this was one of the best responses I got from posting an article on  but the one douche who kept throwing up my private information is trying to take it one step further by calling in reinforcements and then there is this douche who is from Chicago calling himself a fake name and I’ve seen this one on forums then he tried to friend me on (he’s sore because he got his facebook taken away from him.)  Well I am going to toss up the malicious comment on both of them.   And this is going to be kept on the associated content articles too. The responses I got are exactly the kind I was expecting with The Hive Mind II and this one really pissed the bastard off.   I guess he is one of those who is wanting to assassinate me for that article.   

 Now I know what some of those journalists on NBC have to put up with because they went after a real estate fraud who actually got into a fight with the person involved with the story.  The journalist became the story.   I tried not to become the story but when I did The Hive Mind, Nature of the Cybertroll and Hive Mind II.   I knew the shit is going to fly when I wrote them, and Industry Rivalry I am going to be on the receiving end of a lot of death threats.  All I did was put it on the table, and I am wondering how many of them are going to use a lot of revisionist history (I am using one of their terms against them here) when I remember right, Louise Bohmer actually thought it was cool that I was a moderator on Carnival of Wicked Writers on the first day I joined.   Just that Brian Yount didn’t like the fact everyone was threatening, “Look either Pacione leaves or we go.”   That arrangement there was I left on my own accord.  Not booted out as some people like the claim.   Yount and I don’t exactly have bad blood just that bad blood started between myself and Sangiovanni when she posted on Janrae Frank’s message board, “What not to do when you do submission guidelines.”        

 Industry Rivalry was born because I was tired of the fucking faggot tags that Timothy Lieder and his douchebag friends had done repeatedly to my anthologies.  

Nick, first you wrote The Nature of the Cybertroll and The Hive Mind. Two strikes. We warned you not to put fuel on the fire. We warned you that we would come after you if an Associated Content article even remotely resembled your previous two again. Answer me this - Did you think we were bluffing? Think we can't get to you offline. Why, because it is cyberspace? WRONG! We are bigger than you. People like us work in think tanks, Nick. We don't just play World of Warcraft, but actually hold jobs which pay six-figure salaries. We have connections, and we can deploy them. You're already on our List. Do you think this is all a joke?

These kind of threats I got a few times before and reminds me of the bastards who rammed my ass through a damn bus window here.  (Since then one of them actually made peace about it.)   I’ve watched these threats emerge a few times and after I wrote An Eye In Shadows that was one of the times they did that too.  I can toss up another one of these comments for another example of the threats I got after the asshole from Finland posed as a lady who’d put me up for a few days – the fucker played right into my weakness and that’s the opposite sex.  I had to unhook my phone to call the service to get my number changed but if I was to allow this to happen again I should have used my Verizon number because it doesn’t allow incoming calls.   The douche made sure I couldn’t make phone calls out and tried to interrupt my dialing out to get online but I managed to unhook the phone long enough to stay online and fortunate enough I got one of those dial-up services that does have unlimited access.  These bastards think the United States is a Dictatorship, sorry pal this is a republic and I am allowed to speak or write as I please, but try to show responsibility in Freedom of Speech.     

The World Wide Web needs some governing parties to make sure assholes like the ones who go around violating copyrights and impersonating someone need to be cracked down, Illinois got some new laws passed and this is something I do have faith in and that’s the system.  The way the literary industry well the horror industry is – they carry themselves like it’s a God Damn dictatorship.  That was why I wrote the one article – the new publishers who seemed to sleep their way into the publishing side of things;  act like there is no room for authors like me in the industry , well this is a free country.          

They do need a few Republicans in charge of this too because they do get the job done in this department.   

Nickolaus Pacione, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Viral, and I just commented on your Hive Mind II article. It seems you have many foes, and this other comment must be your personal information; I've saved it. Thank you to the person who posted it. Now, we've warned you about posting articles like the cybertroll or the hive mind. We gave you many chances to stop, but you did not cease and desist. When my trolls - MINE - have to wake me up in the middle of the night because one of these articles surfaced again, it makes me angry. Like a ticking bomb! It makes me want to come after you. So, you've pissed off the wrong person this time. Someone in a very high place, and with a fuckton of backup! Do you know what I am capable of?

Annoying little pissers, aren’t they. I am willing to bet they want to relieve themselves on my booth, or more pictures using my picture as a commode.  They are living to hate my guts for this one, and if I was to listen to every damn naysayer from the beginning I wouldn’t have gotten published but I got started out of defiance.  I became a writer to defy everyone and anyone who told me that I couldn’t do something, keep telling me that assholes because I will do it anyway.  Keep telling yourselves that I will never get published in bigger places because it will happen.  I want to see you assholes use the right to petition.  These are some of the hatemails I got – the positive comments are few and far between but the goons are beyond pissed off with me with those articles.  Don’t ever threaten my family in the mail.  I am going to make this assholes life a misery in Finland too and let’s hope the good people of Finland understands they got an angel faced monster in their midst.

With all those pirated books on his hard drive what does his virus protection looks like.   I hope you got a nice little virus with the book you pirated.    Why wouldn’t it surprise me if he goes around pirating movies too?   If you don't like what I say, I will quote one of the older trolls who harassed me on Xanga,  go rent a dick.

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