Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need to Alternate Authors

I am doing a quick line up change for Tabloid Purposes IV since some bitch managed to force the hand in getting the book pulled and lulu.com told me the book will be reinstated when her story will be taken out and I can provide the proof it will and the guidelines for four stands -- horror fiction no erotic content. So those of you who have that story that didn't quite fit Tabloid Purposes: Book Five you can send it to IV for it's alternate layout.
      Those of you who want to buy the book as it is still available, just on another location. With her story intact. It will be for sale still but the cunt hadn't broke me. Baxter I wish those assholes stoned your ass for that stunt. Homophobic stories are very welcome in Tabloid Purposes IV -- I am tired of the pro-gay bias going around. No form of gay sex is permitted in the story, but I will allow the beating up of a fag in a story. I am in the process of reworking the book just because the bitch got mad because I dissed her new publisher and willing to work with her ex-publisher.