Monday, September 15, 2008

piss blood fucker.

Hey Keene, you know I have pictures of your wife naked. You want them? I already got a few saying, "Fuck You" because of the post I did on well after the bs they've been doing after a number of years and one of them actually harassed my family it's horse shit. I'll admit the pot shot at Louise's mother is a little too far, but when they went around assasinating my character I will get pushed over the edge and say something that will hit below the belt. As for the remark about having pictures of Keene's wife naked, I make no apologies about that.
     Then one of them came up with the bullshit lie about the kidnapping of a rivals daughter, that is the sick thing too because this one actually held the publishers hostage for nearly a month. (I wonder if they are paid up on their flood insurance.) I am not exactly cold towards the hurricane alley area, just that I am not afraid to make a joke that would be really wrong to make at the right time. Sincerely even in my most cynical remarks, I am very sincere with the thoughts of the good peuple of Houston, Texas.
     The thing about Brian Keene is he started too many libelous rumors in the beginning that now they are going to end up biting him in the ass when he starts losing readers. In the industry there is that Brian Keene vs. Nickolaus Pacione effect, when I say something it has more a sting behind it because I am not shy of suggesting of some of them take turns having sex with a horse. I am willing to bet that Brian Keene would do a video drinking his own piss just to get his name out there, as he liked to piss on the fact I did sign a book of mine in my own blood. I am part of the Signed in Blood Club. What that means is there are authors who did sign books using their own blood, and one of those authors actually acknowledged me for doing it.
     Those of you who are going around saying I should never be published again; my response to that would be you can go piss blood as far as I care.