Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New articles written

I just submitted these out and just waiting to see what happens with them. The douche behind ExposeTheTard is making it clear that they do support piracy in any form. The very fact that it's twin dummy had pirated Nature of the Cybertroll on a few occasions and another asshole stole each article. Looks like the trolls got themselves accounts on Associated Content so they can take turns in taking a collective shit on my name. They hate when I link each article because it does put them on the spot. I am still writing on the short stories despite them doing everything in their power to keep me from getting distracted but that isn't happening because I got the articles done and one of them is about the attempt of a small press to pirate the shit out of House of Spiders 3.
     The bitch that is wanting to pirate House of Spiders 3 is none other than Janrae Frank. She said on a blog that she was offering scans of my novella. Really is that professional, but I guess she's doing that to settle the score on Angeline because she hated the fact that I sold a novella to her publisher. I guess they are encouraging the fuckers to go around pirating everything I put out there just so I don't get a single dollar from each sale and they profit from the idea that they are breaking the law. I guess I am more enraged that is going around stealing everything now but then again that is typical of The Something Awful set. The DJ that dyed his hair blonde in Chicago is involved with them now in some way and now since that happened he's been on a warpath since I got the article out there. I guess he's part of the set that is playing the sick game of invasion of privacy. I am going to treat him just like the rest of the goons out there, worst than shit.