Friday, October 3, 2008

Dial Up Sucks

Can't do anything really interactive yet with this blog or with main website until I get Verizon in here; managed to prove the bastards who got me off the high speed wrong because I got Tabloid Purposes: Book Five out when planned but a little later than I wanted to put it out. The failure of dial-up internet is the slow uploads; I am getting Verizon in the house well when I get it I can take the connection with me when I get it fired up. There are six USB ports on my computer, and I will be getting two more multi-ports which were carried over from my old computers. (Bought the monitor from Wal-mart for $128.00. I published the first two books on dial-up but I used broadband to publish the latter sequels.)
      My monitor from the desktop was the relic from my Windows 98 years from when I first edited Tabloid Purposes One, but it could go back a little further because I kept my computer at the house when I was at the apartment. The computer that fell apart was given to me but if you were to sell the thing at a pawn shop, you could only muster up about $80.00. I was checking the bank account and seeing where I am at – looks like it is a go in that department. I am trying to pay AT&T ahead of time because I didn't see my first bill yet. I am one of those who gets the paper bill format but trying to pay it over the phone. (Would be cool seeing at least an $80.00 credit towards the bill, and that is a good thing.
      Pay in advance as how I want to get this set up. Russo fucked up my Comcast account when she didn't return the box and the modem. That account at the apartment was in my name.) I am trying to get all the bills set up on the 3rd of the month or the second of the month if the 3rd falls on a Sunday.
      When I get Verizon in place, this will free up my phone – and will use the dial up as an emergency system. I tested out the wireless style internet, and managed to like what they have to offer. I am rather pleased I at least got one of my articles published before the connection got separated. I saw that someone was taking shots at the place which published my article and one of them published an answer article of their own to the ones I published on there. I just paid up one of the writers on Tabloid Purposes: Book Five – I felt bad that she had to pay $25.00 for a copy of the book she was in so I gave her $26.00 for her story. There are 15 authors and they will be paid intervals of six starting November since the book is just out. The authors are paid via PayPal and right out of my own pocket. The more clout I get for the article that could be dinner in Chinatown for the articles – if some of my articles manages to pay for Chinese when I go out, then that would be a good day in my book. I am looking at just under $60.00 for Verizon a month and that is unlimited access and this will be portable so the groundwork to get a laptop will be there. I get that laptop set up or even a blackberry, then I would be able to set up the online catalog at a signing so if I don't have enough back stock they can always order from the website itself.
      The way I am setting this up is I am also preparing for my own place too which means when I get ready to move eventually I will already have the internet and phone when I move in. I will also get digital television too because this is almost something that will be enforced by law now that all television sets must have digital. This is looking good here too – already have my eyes set on a nice futon, been looking around too for places based on my income. What I want to see happen is have unlimited internet access and not paying a mint for it. I think $60.00 is a steal if you get wireless internet and they told me it is unlimited access. This might give me a second chance at getting a cell phone too – the possibilities there to make this a mobile outfit. Meaning I will have a P.O. Box this month, my wireless internet will be in effect in a few days. This will allow me to have outside communication and able to make this computer multi-media friendly again.
      Netzero is handy don't get me wrong for under $20.00 a month, but what I am doing these days is I need something at least Cable modem or faster. That faster is going to happen today. I am smiling wide here. They might have said they succeeded in getting my internet shut down for awhile but I don't see this as a total failure because this is the first time in years I've been in the positive with my bank account. (I am just fucking tired of my cousin ribbing on me for using Dial-Up.) A little annoyed that Chase swallowed up another one of my banks that I had; that's bank number three they swallowed. I had First Chicago, Bank One, and now WaMu. I never really liked TCF to begin with. I liked one bank I had but lost it because of one of the ex-room mate's biggest fuckups. Making it impossible to use a debit card too so I ended up changing banks to Washington Mutual using my birthday money to open the account. I want to say to Washington Mutual is thank you for hanging around. Chase – you have to put up with me now because I am a WaMu Customer.
      Who is to blame really for me losing access to Comcast? Not really myself, but I have to say one asshole who was pissed off at the fact he got in trouble for violating my copyright on another article I wrote for so he wanted to get a little payback in there by giving the abuse contact information for Comcast – that fucker is to blame for it happening so I am trying to keep commenting on asshole bloggers to a minimum because I am not going to risk losing these accounts too. The reason I don't have my own account with Comcast is because of the ex-room mate failing to return the box and modem then opened her account using the modem saying, "I already do have a modem and box." I didn't really have to change servers a few times, but Earthlink I let go because of money problems – and that will be paid off within the next month too seeing if I can get that going as one of the backups for my wireless.
      If you're a small press publisher using, broadband is your best friend in promoting a book. Then you got jokers like these who go around violating your copyrights, oh let's see what did that one used to be – the screencaps of my article The Nature of the Cybertroll. I can say this much – never underestimate the drive of those trolls because they are the ones who are the most hellbent and some of them took over publishing companies and their people skills are something to be desired especially when they are in their late thirties to early forties. A few of them being failures in their current state of career so they go after writers who are just trying to claw their way up there. Pisses me off that she even got honorable mention because I am guessing she was sucking the editor's dick.

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