Sunday, October 26, 2008

Willing to go on a limb here

And say that Michelle Lee never even read the Tabloid Purposes series or when she did she obtained them as a pirated copy in some form. The very fact she comments in a bad light about me on The Crusty Liar on a regular basis and her best friend happens to be the cunt who now wants to see Tabloid Purposes fold. Yeah that is wishful thinking on their part about The Ethereal Gazette too – I would rather have the magazine come out late than not at all. If she was going to be a fair and balanced reviewer she would actually pick up Tabloid Purposes IV and do a story by story review of the book instead of going on a liar's website and buy into the shit they say about me on there. What they say is proving my articles more valid by the day; especially the one called
Internet Trolls: When The Family Gets Involved

Her professionalism is something that is lacking in that department if she is willing to send private e-mails I sent to her over to The Crusty Rail. I've seen what they did to the non-fiction book and the asshole who is going around encouraging people to pirate my articles too – saying don't go to Associated Content but to the sites that have the scanned articles available instead. I just can't believe that the dyke from the east coast is offering scans of House of Spiders 3 – what the hell? You call that a professional practice of offering stolen copies of a novella. I am willing to bet that Michelle Lee and Jodi Lee actually encourage that practice as long it is someone not published on their roster.

Lake Fossil Press will not close what so ever despite the fact that Preditors & Editors are constantly pissing down my back and the back of every one man publishing operation out there. I will ask this of the owners of P&E, have you douches even read the anthologies or the magazine? Ever since I got published and sold to magazines some of them been on a warpath to ruin every submission effort I made. The f act one person actually offered pirated copies of I.O.W.A when the story wasn't even finished yet – I already know who did it because he uses an account on The bastard made a half-assed attempt at a story for Tabloid Purposes: Book Five when the story didn't even fit the complete guidelines of the anthology.

It's a fucked up thing that some of them would go as far as doing.

They actively are trying to dig up my private phone number so they can throw it up on a website without my permission. Well the hell with you. I've been busy writing up on SHITSTORM, and knowing the efforts of Michelle Lee, and she made this clear that none of my work will get positive exposure. The politics piss me off in this business. When her associate is calling a book signing I am about to be doing imaginary; I dare some of you to actually show up and protest the damn thing. I would love to see this happen and watch WMAQ make assholes out of you on national television.

Michelle let me address to you directly; you call yourself a reviewer who is a professional. Well when my name is tossed into the mix you prove yourself to be a total cunt and seem to have your head shoved so far up Jodi Lee's ass. Does it smell good up there? You have your head shoved so far up their ass cheeks that all you smell of the world around you is dog shit. When I am trying to do is make a few dollars with my own work, these bastards go around violating every copyright imaginable. I am willing to bet they actually go around obtaining pirated Hollywood features too.

When you bastards go after my projects it pisses me off, and when you all take turns offering copies of my non-fiction book. I am willing to bet that some of you reviewed copies of a book that is published by a self-publisher from Effort, PA, favorable guised behind a name of a company named for a part of one of her novels. I am willing to go on a limb saying that Michelle Lee and Louise Bohmer are closet basement dwellers along with the basement dwelling fuck from Evansville, Indiana.

The fact that I am doing more columns as well as writing new fiction stories, just waiting for the files I need to put the magazine together and activate Paperport 11. Since doing that system restore to the factory condition. I managed to get all sorts of fonts these days so I can actually make the magazine look cool. But with that being said, I really think Michelle Lee has never read books published by or other means, it shows that she's a discriminatory bitch.

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