Friday, October 17, 2008

The Scottish Pubic Hair responds

I am editing this for Americanized content. In case you don't understand what the Scottish Pubic Hair was saying. This was received in my comment system on here so I can respond accordingly. Yeah the comments originally were calling me a coward but I am just playing it smart here. Is that a way to speak to one an author who got published alongside with you?
    Damn it I can't even say Scottish Public Hair without cracking out. Yeah I guess the fuck off would end up coming down the line somewhere. This asshole just put himself in the same line as the shithead from Wales. Well I guess they were taking turns snorting her dead brothers ashes on a mirror. Your little friend stole the articles and you commented on them, that you're guilty by association asshole. You also encouraged the piracy of my books fucker. I will not apologize for any of my statements unless you apologize for encouraging the piracy of my non-fiction book.

"If you want to accuse me of theft, come and do it somewhere where you allow comments to be shown you disturbed little prick

Accuse me of theft one more time and I'll sue your hairy ass from here to eternity.

Fuck off, Asshole"