Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If you disapprove of gays, you got a friend in me. I guess people are going to be tossing the Bigot tag around like shots of whiskey now for that remark. I am making some strong headway for the newly revamped Tabloid Purposes IV. Baxter was just a fucking setback for the series and should consider Tabloid PurposeS II completely lost. I do apologize to the other contributors for Jaen Timm Baxter's behaviour. She was completely out of line when she did that because she did get paid and she signed the contract be in Tabloid Purposes II. She got paid for Tabloid Purposes IV so she was completely out of line when she did that.
     IF you are a publisher and not associated with Dravena Enterprises and know the situation do not run her work. The bitch ruined the legacy of Barbara Malenky. Jaen you're way out of line with this one, and since you pissed on a dead authors grave with your act that is personal. I didn't even have a chance to get the files to fix the mistake of publishing you.
     Just because some of the authors involved with one project took off bigger than you did that doesn't mean you should go around pissing and destroying a project. Fucking queer. They should have stoned you in the 1990s.