Friday, October 3, 2008

More threats of Copyright Infringement from this dick.

"Screenshots of every motherfucking article Fuckione ever wrote coming up on tonight. Hell, I’ll even copypaste the entire festering shitheap of his into a document for y’all to download.

And five golden bonus points to whomever can dig up the new telephone numbers of Nickolaus A. Pacione & granny (my grandmother's name withheld) in Morris, Illinois and pass them on to me in private, either as forum PM or mail to autoaim [at]”

Want to play a game of tag, Nicky? I’m game… Mind you, I’ll use a fucking chainsaw to tag you though, you impotent sack of failure in pseudo-human form."

That's the last thing you want to do son. That douche is beyond pissed you sent a doctored picture of an asshole pointing a gun to my head. You're pissed off because I decided to screen shot the blog entry, and for the record I didn't give out that phone number you douche's posted up there. You mess with my entire family son I will take that trip to Finland just to knock you into the Artic Ocean. That's a clear threat to my family pal. What you going to do fly the States to yourself just to make my life a living hell? You know nothing about Americans.
    To use the articles you have obtain permission from Associated Content to use them. Good luck getting that permission. That's going to be the thing that bury's your site. I can tell you all right now what this douche wants my blood for, the article I wrote called The Nature of a CyberTroll, and I think harbors people like that. This bastard is going to choke on his ill gained fame.
    I am going to take a shit on his grave when he dies. That fucker is now obsessed with my ruin that he wants to do it himself. I guess Pathogen is the one who will get the brunt of this one. Since he likes to get jumped in. These assholes are trying too hard to jump on my grave and I am not dead yet. I have no plan for dying anytime soon. Going after my damn family, mother fucker I am coming after you. Back off my family dickhead. I am the person you want, they did nothing to you.
    Looks like that asshole from who edited all those shitty pictures of me is still at it too and yeah he's got a account too trying to make me look like something I am not. HE's a refugee who doesn't have a pot to shit in. It's clear that the asshole likes to go around pirating books and I am guessing he is one of this asshole's suck buddies.