Monday, September 1, 2008

What Happened To

His domain got shut down for offering pirated copies of my books and infringing on copyrighted photographs. I guess they were making the thread that insulted on me one of the top threads on that damn site that produced a murderer. I guess illegal activities is something they are very much accustomed to, this was the guy I am referring to when I mention they produced a murderer, William Freund. I guess they're going to be trying to goon rush me all the more for that, and one of them decided to go after me for that video but I will point everyone to person who loaded it up and he's a private person.
     I do expect more goonrushing because one of them is royally pissed off that he got his domain shut down for that stunt of loading my book up to his site offering pirated copies. I gues the owner of isn't shy of doing the same thing in that sense, and I am guessing he and the fuckers all have a gangbang with the owner of EncyclopediaDramticia while the assholes of The Other Dark Place are taking turns video taping the whole damn thing.
     What is the moral of the story, I am an expert in dealing with impossible people. I've watched them come and go all my life, and pointing out that one of those assholes is admittedly a fan fiction writer of anime; and another one of those assholes is a so called promoter. I guess one of them decided to goonrush an isp just because they didn't like what happened to a domain.