Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crowd Psychology

The reason I call this video Crowd Psychology is because the book I wrote explored this, dealing with Encyclopedia Dramatica for nearly five years in some form. Then You see these who go around on fandom wank posting things your real life friends find first then they ask you about them. That's basically the mentality of these places who went around violating copyrights and posting everything I've written word for word.
      That those assholes don't know is they gave my article some traffic. Those sites wanted a war because I shut one domain down, but I guess if a few people make enough noise they'd eventually pay attention. Some of them decided to goonrush an ISP -- one of them decided to post a physical address without consent to do so. I've seen things like this happen for 11 years, and some of them being on a site called FlyFly. So I guess some of the trolling goes back that far too I think.