Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Invasion Of Information Privacy

From: nickolauspacoine@yahoo.com

#1. You dont have a lawyer. You have, at best, a sockpuppet.

#2. Anyone harbouring you is a valid target of opportunity and as such Granny Pacione will feel our cocks slapping against her wrinkly rump until she is no longer validating your mental illness. How can you sleep at night, knowing what you put your family through with your mental disease? Have you no shame? Isn't it time you checked yourself into a mental institution already?

#3. Did you really think that anyone wouldn't see that the "concerned family member" comment on the autoaim.org site was made by Nickolaus A. Pacione? You still can't either spell or even string ordinary english words together. Plus, of course, the fact that everyone in the world dislikes you. Once again, you fail. You fail, fail, fail, fail & fail. How come you have not eaten the barrel of a gun yet?

- autoaim.cfg

The story of AutoAim.org is one of those that claimed to be a "parody" site but becomes a personal harassment site and a copyright infringement site. This is where a number of them congregated and posted a huge chunk of I.O.W.A. and also blatantly act without a sense of responsibility. I am not taking any sabbaticals any time soon but seriously. They got my entire family pissed right now and they don't need that.
      I mentioned this on Myspace.com and a few are responding about it on my bulletin, those of you who are showing your support thanx. Those of you who are going around stomping on my name, what if this was your family's number they've thrown up there. This isn't my number to hand out, and I didn't make the number public to begin with. I hope my uncle understands what I am saying here.
      The person known as Autoaim needs to be stopped in his tracks, and this is one of those things where people take the sake of "parody" a little too far. Those of you who want to contact this loser he uses nickolauspacoine@yahoo.com and goes around posting a private address. The phone number and address in question are private and I want those wishes honored. I am guessing thta Lulzcon is involbed with this in a huge way of getting that number out there.
      I am going to continue with my writing and trying to get Tabloid Purposes 5 finished then the magazine. These assholes tried to succeed in haulting all presses here, but that won't happen. The fucker had the gall to suggest I kill myself, so now I am putting it all on the table. Those of you see what I am dealing with. This will go to the press. I can say this much the prison system in Finland is going to love him.
      Those who went around harassing my family, that's what you're doing by calling that number. My family don't need this crap right now. Someone like Autoaim.org needs to eat a barrel of a gun because the amoral nature that the asswipe has. I've seen his kind. I am not breaking, but leave my family alone. Parody sites now are personal harassment sites, and they will stop to no end -- I guess the person will learn the lesson that The Truth ABout Nick did in 2005. Calling my family valid targets, leave them alone man. You're forcing them to the grave. I am in the process of getting a lawyer, and you'd be hearing from the lawyer. I think the person who had a lot to do with this happening is Girlvinyl because she knew I was close to taking everything she did down. I've seen some ugly things done in the name of this person, and in the name of everything seen on the world wide web. AutoAim.org is a felon in my eyes when he did this, he crossed from copyright infringement to Elder Abuse.
      There's international law about this and I am planning to e-mail the European authorities about this person. I am sure there are laws in place about stalking and harassment over there. What he did was an invasion of information privacy in Europe. Correct me if I am wrong here, aren't the punishments stiffer in Europe for that sort of thing. Invasion of Information Privacy is a trait of SomethingAwful.com and EncyclopediaDramatica.com. Girlvinyl listed my phone number on her blog and I am thinking she gave it to this individual.
      I am guessing one of her friends started all of this, and it went too far on their part. I am guessing some of them would stop at nothing to steal everything, I've done where I got almost nothing left but I am not going to let that happen either. They tried to harass my family, and this is taking it a little too far even for them. I am guessing someone who runs SomethingAwful.com is an amoral human being.