Sunday, August 31, 2008

A new free read

This one is also tossed up on but you can read it on entirely for free. A new video will be produced later tonight to go with the article and the one that was published on Associated Content. The short story I mentioned is finished and now trying to shop the story around. I might not intended it to have a similarity to The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. but it will have that vibe behind it. Trying to picture that particular story in the age of the blogosphere. Well I found what the honorary queer's blog had to say about me.
     The new article was very pointed towards Brian Keene and his recent rant about Tabloid Purposes, making fun of one other publisher who took a similar stand to the one I took. I am very pointed with the article towars the jackholes who went and penned "mock fiction" of my work trying to make it look like it is faggoty. What's sickening about that is that Karen Koehler actually goaded them to keep going, but I have to bring out a dirty little secret here about her that I learned from finding another website. This was found in my research when I was writing House of Cards.
     The dirty little secret is she writes Vampire Hunter D fan fiction (that's right kids the "Golden Girl" writes fan fiction.) The story that is up there I wrote was from a buddy's notes about a character he came up with. I was trying to write it for how he would draw it up. That's a dirtier secret than her owning Black Death Books. This puts her in no place to be blasting my non-fiction book because I think she was found out in the book that one scene I had coded was ripping on her. She can run for her life but she can't hide from that past. At least when I did things on there, the characters were public domain or my own.
     That's what happens when you post libelous things about my family and malciously review a book that was pirated. I guess that is the kind of thing that Pathogen enjoys reading fiction by authors whose characters they got no ownership over. I've watched what these mid-list cabals had attempted to do to my company in the past two years, but I will keep going with it. There's nothing Keene, Koehler, The Crusty Rail, ExposeTheFuckstain, or the Goon squad has to say or do about it. Nothing but a bunch of 4chan bastards. All your base belongs to me assholes.
     The monsters really are coming to Maple Street now when I make this observation if they haven't came already. All of them are collective trainwreck no matter how you look at it. They are long ot be looking at what I say now as being public enemy number one now, but I appeared in the same magazine as Brian Keene (get that fucker, we're linked by a magazine.) I want to see the chumps rebuttal this for a while. Especially the bastards who are on Stupid Free. Some people need to kindly shut the motherfuck up. I haven't busted my concentration once with my work because I managed to get three short stories done, and finished I.O.W.A.

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street