Thursday, September 4, 2008

Video Editoral Accepted

Writer's Insight my new video column at Associated Content. This will work up to the actual video I am going to produce in detail and upload it to there. I am getting this how dare you post on there, and expecting a few of these too. They are enraged now, wait until the next article gets out there The Hive Mind is one I wrote exclusively for that site too. I I am going to address the two on here named "James" and "Bobby Travalen" if they come on my AC account to bash my name, why don't they grow a spine and do it on video.
     You jokers think you've busted my concentration, well hate to disappoint you there because I am still editing Tabloid Purposes: Book Five. I had to cut one author from the line up but saving his story for a future issue of the magazine. One thing I learned with AC the more clout the person on the account has that's how they get paid -- it adds up. I don't have many articles there (well yet.) The ones I am going to have up are the ones that will kick in a few dents. I noticed that the blond haired bitch responded again via e-mail. I want to address to him if he hates my work that much, why the fuck does he write his own content with his own characters. But I am guessing he might pick up the bad habit his new "friends" had picked up -- being copyring infringement and plagiarism.