Tuesday, September 2, 2008

new article accepted.

Subcultural Politics
An objective look at the politics of a subculture, but when you take a look it starts looking more like a Twilight Zone episode.

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This one also got accepted on Associated Content, and it deals with the politics of the subculture head on. The bastards from SA decided to post my private information so for right now I am getting one of those Magic Jacks so I can make calls from a hotel room. I will be filing a lawsuit against the owner of the website for libel, since the message board started the fight with making my entire book available for free and some militant was hellbent on trying to get to my family too. The elder abuseer suceeded to get to me this time around. I am not broken one bit because I am still writing, just my conscentration is a little off at the moment.
     This is one of those that I have to cite an old buddies blog where he used to have a section called Blow Up The World. Seeing blogs like the fuck who calls himself AutoAim.cfg, I am going to go on record the story I wrote called House of Cards deal with hatefic writers to the extreme. The one article that didn't get accepted to Associated Content, I pulled from there but I am looking to find another pay per view article site to throw the thing up at. My recent works deal with the hive mindset and seems like some people want to make someone's life a living hell and to put their family members in harms way too. You bastards need to get a life no matter how you look at it.