Tuesday, September 2, 2008

one hostile reponse to my new article

I am expecting a few of these for that new article I released to DA. I guess some of them are going to be coming in by swarms now. I knew this article needed to be done and seems like the Crusty Rail is going at it now. I am expecting some hostile responses to the article I wrote on Associated Content but this one is the most hostile.

"You know, I was actually going to back off, having said what I wanted to say, before I discovered that little gem of a quote.

So, Nikki, since I *know* you are reading this -- you have only yourself to blame for me sticking around. Point that boogey-coated finger at yourself for a change, asshole"

I can even give the location where this originated, always fun to see someone get pissed off when an article is involved but there might be another aticle going up on AC dealing with AutoAim.org. I am forgetting something here, I am the press when it comes to this department.
          I am just a little pissed off the prank calls started again, and now waiting to get Magic Jack in place. I am linking up the article for those who want to read this free one.