Sunday, September 23, 2007

more from the schmuck brigade

"the decision has been made, and what better day than today. the day is coming where books shall be burned in large numbers. works pirated in mass quantities; it's already started. group efforts made to annihilate the opposition. he wants to go live, hey, so can we. when were done he'll wanna crawl back under that rock though. the pacione family is going to be VERY embarrassed. Knock, knock, knock…"who is it" grammy pacione, we’re here for your son. open up! we just want to take him for a stroll. maybe tie him to a tree, smear doody over his face, shave his head. we know he’s in there….please tell him to come outside, mammy pacione.
    all of the pirated work will belong to pacione. all of the authors who pay dearly will be his cronies. that goes for his butt buddy across the atlantic too. and that shitbag from deviat art for his crude joke. we cant let that one slide. but first nickypoop. in the end, he'll be forced to tow the line for the pussy he is and he’ll eat the shit out of the ass of the big elephant. elephants have been known to stomp on mice. yes sirree, greasy wont have a choice. do you like peanuts pacione? no, really, do you fuckin eat peanuts…because before the month is over you'll be eatin grade A mass marketed nuts. and you're going to enjoy it too."

Bastards still won't learn. Two words "buy print" when it comes to indy press books. There is one master here and I am controlling the strings and I will continue to promote that non-fiction book plus put all the surface of all the cyber-bullying that's been going on. The fact being that some would go as far to impersonate me for one, steal copyrighted works. You didn't create the story or do the photograph, the only thing that you have the right to do is spend the money on it. My work of contraband is available for purchase. There will be an anthology that will be coming soon and submissions will be opened up to only people who've been bullied by Encyclopedia Dramatica. I am not talking the far left or those who are actually dicksuckers, but I am looking for the regular people who've been harassed by such sites without end. I am looking to get this anthology in the hands of Illinois legislature so they can see what kind of shit these people are doing and see if there could get a law passed for cyber-harassment and impersonation, impostor journals are bullshit. There should be a law against it.. RJ Sevin you fucked up by stealing my photos, no book sales for you asshole. I think they're mad because I am talking back my pictures one by one -- the fact I am taking back means I am the right full owners so get your grubby shit covered fingers off my intellectual properties unless you bought the book.