Saturday, November 3, 2007

Calling my house and listing my address.... off limits

You bastards might think it is a game to list my phone number and list my address. It's not even funny the first time doing it. Stealing my photographs and watermarking them -- shit isn't even funny either. The fact you're trying to chase me back into obscurity isn't going to happen. This seems Jerrod has to go as far as to get into the mix of encouraging people to crank call the house and steal my photos -- that is why I am going to say I hope Skullvines Press will go broke and never sell a copy of his shitty novel.
      Jerrod, you're a fucking loser who has no life and the fact that you ripped off Tabloid Purposes with your cover scheme shows it. Loser ass mother fucker, yeah I will go full on cyberpunk by 2008 because it shows how morally bankrupt the mid-list is right now. The fact you assholes go as far as to list someone's unlisted phone number and unlisted address. I took my mailing address down for the reason someone tried to harass me in the mail because of the second Tabloid Purposes. My family doesn't need this shit and the fact my grandfather is very sick right now. Bastards -- calling my house on Halloween, threatening to kill me. I will not yield to any of you assholes.
      I am going to have to get a cell phone because of this shit. You assholes put my family in danger. Not cool. Do you think this shit is even funny anymore? Using the mail system to harass me -- Jerrod you're a loser for encouraging them. You fucks are mad because I wrote that book. The fact there will be a follow up book to An Eye In Shadows. I think it's shit that The Other Dark Place will go as far as to harrass my family, going as far to harass every person with the last name Pacione because this book is out there. Leave. my. family. alone.
      You assholes are nothing but lowlifes -- Jerrod, I will never buy your book and fuck skullvines press because of it. Fuck Skullvines, Fuck Black Death Books, and fuck all those assholes who pirate my books. A lot of nerve to call my house and extort me for money -- if this is another way to bully me around it won't work.