Tuesday, December 4, 2007

a message from blogspot


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The Blogger Team
I've taken the liberty to send a $500 bill to the asshole who is stealing my blog entries stories and other content. Think the little shit is pissed off about the bill deal -- I am going to keep billing them until they give me back all my files without the watermarks. I am trying to figure out who the mother fucker is because they knew where to look for my letter to my son. Yeah I am not pleased about that one, but I will say the reason I lost my first livejournal account is because of the stunt that Lokust pulled.
    I am finally glad they are getting involved here with the process of getting that bastard in trouble. With the Mp3s that I had -- I got them from mp3.com when it they were providing offical Mp3s from the bands. I ended up buying the CD of the band after I got the mp3 or would ask when their CD is coming out so I can grab it. That will clear some things up on that old entry. I guess that the person behind ExposetheTard was someone originally from the first LiveJournal account and in theory knew exactly where to look with the files and knowing certain ones will piss me off. I am not mad -- just that I know that their punishment is due and it is coming fast.
    I guess that bitch who is stealing my content doesn't have a life and eventually when that blog is shut down their world will be fucked. The cunt who created that domain that "parody" my work needs to kill themselves too. That's right I am working on that blog next. The asshole clearly created the blog for harassment purposes.