Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the e-pirates are known

"such as send 13,145 unwanted yet pirated copies of Nicky Pacione's non-fiction scalding bucket of piss, scat, shit, doo doo, or urine to every writer of every level of genre. you got it, greasy, mass communication and mass emails. we did this by the book, just like you did your thing with your book. now you will lose sales, people will open their emails and laugh at you, perhaps even press delete. but, too late. what's done is done. you have been pirated. And we will keep pirating you. For the next project 13,000 will seem like 26,000. After that 26,000 will turn into 52,000.... After that 100,000." -- valentinevegen@yahoo.com
I got an e-mail from some cunt aolheller who I have to take a guess is a fandom wank with her mentality. I can tell Brian Keene is foaming at the mouth right now because the book exists and I will be able to get more copies at will. Dickhead responded and I will post the thread he blasted Lake Fossil Press on. I do have a freebie written and this thing is going to be sent around via PDF file more or less to allow people to really hear my side and not believe the bullshit that is openly spread around me.
      If no one is against me really then why the fuck would you pirate a goddamn book I worked hard to write. Keene you're nothing but a low life dick who needs to be taken down a notch. Is it really worth it to you to ruin some dude who has his own voice? You're nothing but a formula trend author who likes to strong arm his way to silence a person, knowing the kind of person you are -- you would more than likely do hard time to silence me. You know you want to get some trigger time on my work, that's the reason you try to get the books from lulu.com but I am calling your bluff there on getting the copies of IV. You have no respect for people who refuse to kiss your ass. People are claiming you're the nice guy -- bullshit mother fucker, all I've seen is the bompous asshole who'd steal and lie about someone just to get their names dragged in the shit.
     I want to know what Philbin did to you guys that you have to put the heat on him -- leave the guy alone. He's trying to make his money like the next guy is. And this would be another goddamn hate mail I am getting from the same fucking address. I am thinking it's this loser who was making the crank calls. I guess that person who is doing all this hate mail has no life of their own.

"the end is here for you pacione. you aint doin no signings or gettin your non-fiction book in any bookstores. you're getting beat up instead. we're in the process of "things", you might say. Wayyyy beyond book burnings but that's still an idea. such as pirating and distributing EVERY piece of literature you have ever written. Authors den, everythign! its already been done extensively with your hateful autobiography, and now we will pirate it all and a certain demented man's family will become involved in the crossfire. the phone calls come for gramma yet, nicky? you did this to yourself nickypoo, and now the Paciones must pay. that's all there is to it.
       Philbin knew to flee shocklines as soon as he heard your book was coming out and that the storm was coming. oh, and it aint no F5 either. dagstine turned up evidence at the Rusty Nail, because even he knows he wants no part of your malignant swill. same goes for mr. enck. And your buddies with the original tabloid purposes will be taken care of in due time, but you first. oh, and that other malicious friend of yours with writer's cafe and deviantart? He will REALLY get what's coming to him. but you first nicky. this is a storm you will want to take cover from. were sorta like the CIA, nicky, but call us the HIA. that's how good we are at doing what we do. and we're far from finished yet."

This is how vicious this is getting and I got a tip from a guy who knew all about this, but I won't give away my sources -- so with that I got a deal coming my way with this guy's information that would cause more shockwaves than the autobiography did. I want to know what has my first line up did to this guy that really pissed him off? The email address is coming from valentinevegen@yahoo.com -- this guy is hellbent and yeah I am going to hit the used book stores with the non-fiction book. That will be my method of attack with getting this book out there, First figure out ways to get the ISBN on this book being it was published with CafePress.com and this will be the first time I am going to really push a CafePress title.
       The idea for Broken Mindframe Books came from dealing this particular asshole. Fucking cunts need to get a life, and this asshole walks around threatening to get into a fight with me -- yeah I am waiting. This asshole wants to see me become the most blacklisted author in the business right now and one son of a bitch phoned cafepress to get my book taken down but I called to explain to them what was going on. They were understanding because I've been with them now for a good six years so they understand that I am a controversial figure even before I became a published author. Philbin I understand if you want nothing to do with me now because this book is out there. But one thing you always respected about me was an ironic sense of humor.