Tuesday, October 2, 2007

dealing with terrorists here

I am not going to give in to their demands -- they want me to take the book down but I am looking at them with a sense of sarcasm, "Oh I will taken it down when your a rotted corpse." I will not give in to their demands and in fact plan to order up a few copies of the book for the event on the October 26th signing. Have them sent to the signing mate so he has them for me there.

"we're comin for your cousin too, so you better not be makin that shit up chump. cause if you are, then we'll find a cousin of yours to fuck with.
          So do yourself a favor and take your book down, edit keene out -completely! then, with our permission you can put it back up 'bout your high school glory days. take keene out. last warning!
          --Legion; we are many!!"

The Other Dark Place are a bunch of online terrorists in this department. I really don't think what they did is remotely funny and for that faceless asshole who said pirating real books is wrong, my books are real and he supports piracy. I guess the way he is will show what kind of nature the asshole is and one suggestion -- drink an entire bottle of bleach already. It will be cool if I can push a few copies of these before the events -- knowing that the natives are restless now the fact I got a book out there that exposes Keene for the shithole he truly is. Yeah I am making their e-mail addresses known so people can send those cocksuckers floods of hatmail. Watermarking my artwork with your little screennames so I can't take it back is low even for you assholes. I guess a gothic.net cocksucker is back to his old tricks in pissing on my name. If anyone seems like has a lot ot gain out of fucking with my career is that asshole, he must have of given McKeeman head back in the day.
       I am going to get them tossed from the venue if they tried to crash it distributing their little "book" before my signing starts. You want the real truth on these assholes, An Eye In Shadows, will deliver that real truth about them. That is why they are going around trashing sales of the book and pirating it on sites like Demonoid. You bastards who ever was behind that one -- that wasn't even funny to begin with. I would love to imagine what would happen if someone pirated Brian Keene's book or Mary Sangiovanni's book they would become more enraged that it would happen.
       I think those two support E-Piracy no matter who doesn't like them -- they support the piracy of books of their enemies. Well here's a wake up call -- e-piracy hurts the literary industry like it does with the music industry. Hurts the literary industry in the sense it hurts the small press at large. Anytime when an asshole sends me threatening e-mails about the non-fiction book, that's terrorism on their part. Trying to play the intimidation game. They think copyright violation is funny, and yes I will air this in video when the video blogs happen.