Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am not going to apologize.

The only thing I am going to apologize for what, being myself. I am not apologizing to those assholes who. I demand an apology from the host of that site who allowed the uploading of my book on there. I want to say this right now -- there are two words I am going to say to the fucker who calls himself valentinevegen and they are these two, piss off. I am going to make that interview available that was taken down from, and I thought Staggs was a stronger individual than that. Staggs, you didn't even show interest in the books I wrote or anything like that. What is your major malfunction? I will say this much right now, the bastards are pissed despite the public harassment on forums by a few nameless cunts here and there.
      I will be even more malicious when time goes on if people continue to flood my inbox with propaganda of Brian Keene's books I will get more and more motivated to go public even further with the non-fiction book and it is now. I guess you assholes have no real mentality of your own and The Other Dark Place are nothing but a band of mental midgets who have too much time on their hands. Seeing a site like The Rusty Nail stalking forums I call home too -- the fact that they're pathetic little white trash fucks who basically go around wearing white robes and pointy hats. Yes I am calling them KKK.
      What you assholes plan to do -- burn a cross on my lawn? I am not afraid of you assholes, the fact that you pirated the book is just a bad move on your part, and I will bring that to the press the fact that you did that is an asshole move of all asshole moves there. You fucks are harassing me saying that I should apologize to everyone I offended -- fuck off. You assholes are in violation of what they call freedom of speech and expression. That applies to me too and The First Amendment defends the more unpopular speech and that is something that Blogger seems to encourage -- the fact this place is a double edge sword in that sense of the word. What people fail to understand about this wonderful country of ours is that this country was born out of radical ideas, and the fact that I voted for George W. Bush will piss off the whole velvet mafia.(you bastards have way too many rights. Besides, I donate money sometimes to the American Family Association. I support the traditional family. Traditional Marriage does work.) I also learned something about John F. Kerry (the Anti-Christ -- as I referred to him on my blog on Modblog. Is one of George W. Bush's distant cousins, a few times removed. That it was why the 2004 election was intense -- it was a family feud like the Hatfields and the McCoys.) My book was forged out of conspiracy theories and yes I am intrigued by this whole thing.
      I think I am going to really love it here -- damn I couldn't even be half this shocking when I was posting on LiveJournal, Modblog, and some of the other ones. So I am going to enjoy it here the most. Who'd thought a guy from the Midwest can cause so much noise that would disturb the universe. I got a nice little article that I plan to put up on that one site. They want me to put a price on my head for what, I subscribe to Conservative Politics (yes I might be a dark author but that doesn't put me in that end of things that tends to have everyting left leaning.) The very fact that some of these assholes are wanting to go as far as to pirate all of the works that are published in print, please note I don't buy e-books but if I am going to truly support the author I would buy the print versions. I am an avocate for buying print books only because the whole thing with e-book piracy is just as evil as pirating a band's mp3.
      I didn't get in a particular anthology because I was too Conservative. I was almost published with one anthology but he learned that I subscribed to everything Conservative so he told me that I wouldn't be a good fit for that reason. One of the reasons I turned away one author on Myspace was because of this too. I apologize for one thing I don't subscribe to their agendas and I make no apologises about that. Yes this will piss a lot of people off and would make me fodder for a lot of things including Encyclopeda Dramatica, and I got my own little article I will load up and this is available for free.
      When I wrote this one -- I knew I needed to write it because the fact that a number of people are pissed at the fact that I finally told my side of the story. I am going to use the same place that they managed to use to pirate my book, except I see something useful for this place after all. I am tempted to make this thing a $ 3.40 download on In fact I just might -- tempted to make it available for free or for a download either way the story will be told. I might put an anthology together of all the entries that would stand out with this blog too dealing with other writers and dealing with the blogtards that are out there and this would be the assholes behind Encyclopeda Dramatica. "Free publicity" bull shit -- that's not free publicity. The fact they would be willing to link the pirated copy of the book from that site will be the thing that will be grounds to destroy the people behind that site once and for all. I am tempted to publish stories by people who have had bad dealings with that site, not talking types who write slash and that shit -- I am looking for the real people who have their horror stories to tell about that site and how they ruined their life. This is the only way I can really follow up this book is to run a true story anthology by people who've been harassed by that site. I am encouraging you all to come forward.
      If you have LiveJournal entries you've written that are at least five pages in length that would have your horror stories with this site, I will have an e-mail address set up for this. I am doing this book more as PSA how these kind of sites can do damnage that can't be fixed.