Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The guy named dudelove

That guy gets it. I am smiling wide because finally someone gets it. I might not have read Richard Laymon but I read some of his contemporaries. I was tipped off he's a huge fan of the small press so I am going to point him to a few places where he can get some of my work in the print only medium. Yeah more of my work is becoming print only these days, the fact that a few are threatening to pirate my print only works. It is the truth there -- the print on demand medium allows more writers to get out there and many of the publishers are going that route these days. The fact that some think Iuniverse and became the downfall of an author's career. Bullshit, it is the medium to allow authors to get anthologies out there and send them to another publisher and show them what the author has out there.