Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy Michelle

I am not dropping the lawsuit and yes it is known that I am suing her for $1750.  The fact her friend stalked me the second part of the first night -- I almost got into a fist fight the first night at Gothicfest 2007 with the fucker because he conned my grandmother out of $100.   I am not going to let things go here either because this is family he messed with.   The fact my cousin was ready to beat on him was another thing I want to mention here.    
     Crazy Michelle -- if you are reading this you lazy cunt,  I will see you in court and you will have your day before the judge.  This is personal. You deliberately fucked up my book signing you fat, sad loser. You're not genuine -- I was giving you the finger the whole fucking night,  and yes I was making fun of you in an ear shot.  Some people might feel sorry for you so they hang out with you, but when you fucked up with me is when you made me get rid of my birds.  My friends hated you from day one.  That's why they didn't come over.  I will see in court and fuck off -- be prepared to not have any room mates ever.  And be prepared to live on the street you fucking bag lady. I will go on record of everything she did to rob me blind -- she used my disability money to pay for her 69 Eyes coat and for her 69 eyes stuff on E-bay!  She said she would pay me back but she never payed me back  -- in that she stole money from a disabled person. That is a crime, a felony.  She ruined my book signing on Saturday -- the fact I was making myself invisible when she was around because I knew I would spit in her face.  The fact I will go on record that she has a mental illness and has no touch with reality.  JV -- you were quite right about her, and I was hoping you were wrong but damn after I left.  Everything he said about Crazy Michelle was true. 
     This is more the reason I am not going to drup my lawsuit with her.  The fact she took my disability money and bought things like clothes for herself saying they were "gifts"  I wasn't fucking her --- why the fuck would I want to buy expensive shit for her when I would barely spend about $130 on myself when it came to clothes.  The fact that a fist fight almost broke out between myself and the fuck of a Janitor that she hangs out with, they are both incahoots with each other and they run fraud rings just to get all they can for free.  She tried to do this with my publishers -- it almost worked but when I learned what was going on I told my publishers right away about it.
     You told everyone the reason I needed an MRI was that I needed surgery, fuck you bitch.  That is slander.  If you were found in a bathroom tomorrow hanging from a noose,  I wouldn't care but the only thing I would care about is that I couldn't collect my money.  Some of you all you heard was her side about my moving from the place -- well this is finally my side of the story the fact I need to use this blog to get it out there, and it now can be said the fact I moved out was my family as tired of her taking advantage of a disabled person.  You never fooled me Michelle -- you lied to to my grandmother's face just to get me into that apartment.   You want personal Michelle -- fine I will get personal here,  I think you made your mother cry beyond the grave.  Your mother is not proud of you -- you choices suck, and personally you'd be better off flipping burgers at a McDonald's.  Those of you who are disability or get disability benifits -- don't move in with her.   I am the person who posted the warning up on Craig's list about her looking for a room mate.   You're a criminal Michelle and I will expose you for that.  She fucked me out of a possible nice apartment in Chicago for about $197 a month just about five blocks from Excaliber.  If I got that place,  it would been easy for me to get back and fourth -- but fuck no.  Bitch in the fake hair and fake face cried reptile tears to my cousins.   I know the real Michelle and this michelle is the ugly bitch that is violent and cruel to animals.   I am doing this for my birds too, and every pet owner out there -- they have to know what kind of person Michelle is.  The fact she claims to get sick around animals.  
      Consider this my impact statement when I take this to the stand. You want to come after me Michelle in the street,  you will have criminal charges on you and yes I will have a cop with me when that happens. That's right I will be the last person you see before they lock you away -- I am the last person you will see as they are going to throw away the key.  Either they lock you away in a mental hospital or a state pen because you were defrauding the state.   How the fuck did you get your dresses by the way at Gothicfest 2007,  someone told me you turned a few tricks.  You're scared Michelle to stand before the judge for this -- and yes I will call you out on that.  You say you're not like the other room mate I had,  Chris,  correction you're worst than he is -- the fact I came in when he was four months behind on rent and used my share of the rent to order out pizza every night.  I rented out a duplex basement and that was my space (the fact he used my money to get cable but refused to pay for it -- just like you refused to pay your share.)   You never paid your share on shit.  
      This will get ugly.  
      When things like this happen,  I will show no mercy.  You fuck with my family -- you fucked with me.  You've done crimes unforgivable -- to both the elderly and to the disabled.  And you eat people out of house and home you fucking fat pig.  I have no voice right now so I can't scream at you in person, but I will say this right now you are a cunt and a gimmick.  You call yourself a non-conformist but really what the fuck are you; a conformist.  Fuck your little ideas and how you are trapped in your little world.  37 year old woman, and I have more a grasp on reality than you would ever have.  Try living in the street three years before you yell at me on shit -- the fact you sent me out when I was medicated to get your shit, that's attempted murder.    You have no sense of what is right or wrong;  messing with me or messing with my family will be the downfall coming.  Do you hear that Michelle, that's your world crumbling.   You won't be able to hide behind Brian Keene there.  You will get the worst of my wrath.  This is a rightous anger Michelle,  the kind of anger that comes when you steal money from the sick for their medicine.  That's right people  -- Michelle Russo steals from the sick.