Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh Naysayers. Kindly -- go fuck yourselves.

I guess they don't like being toyed with in real time. Take a look at what the faceless pussy sent me. This is the same cocksucker who pirated my book. Yeah you can't dictate what I can or can't do mother fucker, if you think you can then move to North Korea because they will love your kind there.
      They don't like me more now because I know using video I can have more fun with them. Now they're threatening to shut my youtube down. I guess they eat that faggot's cornhole too often. You fucking dared me asshole, and yes I got the balls to do it again. If I had sound it would piss you off even more because I would had done a video tape flushing Brian Keene's picture down the toilet after I've taken a nice big steaming shit on it. Grow a dick and do a video showing who you really are! My silent sarcasm continues. Yeah I will stop when you fucks are living in Arizona Bay.
To: Nickolaus Pacione
From: Valetine Vegan <>
Subject: your silent film days are over...
Date: Dec 3, 2007 1:07 AM

because we said so. and we can. and we will. we've reported you to youtube.

pull another stunt like this, greasy, and we shut you down for good. then you wonder why the 20 of us who use this handle keep wannabes like you back and bring in our own or who we prefer.

you have no class. you can't write. you copy from other authors. you're a fake. a fraud.

do this again, we dare you, and you will see what horror REALLY is.

Career Fineato-

I think this says everything that I want to say to those assholes who steal my work and artwork. No respect for copyrights what so ever. My career is far from over and far from dead. I am not even done with the writing for that matter, let alone publishing. So with that I give these naysayers one thing they needed to see from me on video. That is also my answer to them demanding me to take my book down too. Choke on that awhile pricks. That was said loud and clear in silence.