Saturday, November 3, 2007

Russo is crazy

She's reading between the lines about wanting to sue me for libel; I didn't even mention her by name once. Might have mentioned how lazy she was in code but never mentioned her by name. It's weird. Things like this do happen and I guess the courts have to read the books just to get the facts straight with the book. I guess I should have brought a copy of the book to Gothicfest 2007. This is just crazy the fact this is going to be hanging over my head here, I have ideas like crazy here for stories and this threat of a lawsuit is giving me a massive idea to play around with. Lawsuits, lawsuits and more lawsuits. I am being extremely sarcastic with the fat little clown. Yeah I would like to see her file a countersuit.
      Famous for being famous vs. blood, sweat and gears. If someone went and wrote a story about how she really is and did it as a work of fiction, they'd make millions off the story. The little mommy dearest. She couldn't control me at the apartment and trying to dangle this lawsuit over my head because I wrote An Eye In Shadows. The whole Russo thing does come into play here with her lost touch with reality. I heard many stories about her and fuck I wish they were wrong, but they weren't. Maybe with all the input, I might end up coming up with ideas that will blast on the mental midget. The midget thinks that she's the biggest thing to the business or the community but in the metal community she's just another piece of ass.
      Am I afraid of this one, hell no. The fact I knew I was going into a territory that would be bad ground. The fact she is a mental midget who might have about 2700 friends on The fact we do run in similar circles, and from those circles I also hear the stories about her too. I can just imagine her buying a voodoo doll that looks like me and throwing darts at it. Russo you really fucked up. Face it -- if you didn't fuck with my signing, you tried to fuck with my book. War is hell, and you just stepped into it. This won't end pretty on either side. The fact that this lawsuit is already felt across the Goth Community in Chicago, and the only people who can protect you from my fury are Koehler and Keene, and even they are fair game for me. Hell I could see you calling on them as witnesses on your case for this book because I rip them a new one too in this.
      Sue me for what, I got no money -- I am not a millionare. This is definately the hammering process going on. The fact some people hang out with her is because they feel sorry for her or give her the money she wants because they don't want to hear her whiny voice. Showing up to a band vocalist with a wedding dress on -- she's looking for a husband guys, run. The fact I am writing new material right now, and no it is not about the crazy, fat little clown. You messed with an investegative journalist Russo, and yes this kind of journalism has no kind of mercy. You're pissed now Russo but I haven't even started yet. to. royally piss you off. The fact I am beginning to think you gave everyone my phone number to prank call.
      You told my best friend of twenty years that I was trying to get into your pants -- you're seven years younger than my mother. I date at oldest four to five years older when it comes to the female sex or six years younger. Russo, you're too old you lying spinster. Lying to my long time best friend, what's wrong with you. You max out two of my bank accounts, and eat me out of house and home. Food I saved for my buddies when they come over for a Chicago Bulls game -- you feed that off to people before you ask me about it (I got nothing too feed my buddies when they come over there.) You drink all my six packs when I need that for on the train or when I take my medicine. You eat more than me.