Saturday, October 6, 2007

when hell freezes over, finocchio

"greasy, you will give in to us. this is not bullying or coercing. this is legal. spam is illegal. im sending you a letter, so listen the fuck up. we are fully within our rights to stomp on your rights. the same way you can use this freedom of speech and press spiel so can we. i'm sick of your sarcasm, pacione! and i'm gettin fed up. why do you think we pirated the book. and we'll pirate the next one, and every single one previous to that. we'll pirate all your work and you have no creative licensing, no say whatsoever. no copyright control because you yourself abused it. so, here's the ultimatum, pacione. you can either take the book down and destroy it forever. apologize to TODP. give up writing non-fiction forever, or you can keep the book up at cafepress and we sue you successfuly for the royalties AND take over Tabloid Purposes 5. that's right, stinky. we'll own you, your house, and the tabloid purposes trademark from series 5 on! my dogs are already on this, they've been getting the paperwork drawn up. why do you think it's so quiet round these parts. dont draw up any of the guidelines buttmunch, because it will be a waste of paper. we will make up new guidelines for tabloid purposes with new staff and new authors. what we're sayin greasy is run your publishing outfit!
--Valentine vegen"

Friendly suggestion to this asshole sending me e-mail, stick a high powered rifle up your ass then pull the trigger. I won't yield to terrorists and I will continue to get that book out there no matter what and there will be more Tabloid Purposes planned under my editorial supervision. Watermarking my artwork and some old photos -- you losers don't have a life and I mean that. I will go on video and say that too of The Other Dark Place, the fact you assholes can go to hell for it.
            I will not give in to these bastards who hide behind fake names and fake pictures. The fact I will still push An Eye In Shadows. I will go video by the end of this month and will have a good set of speakers. Using both a one time use video camera and seing that some of these assholes are going too far by stealing old photos and artwork. They're copyright rapists. They're committing rape by stealing people's works.
            You bastards successfully pissed me off. There's more dark sarcasm to throw around too and this will piss those assholes who hide behind fake e-mails too and managed to get one of them shut down too -- the e-mail that went under the sn called thehorrorconspiracy. It is a new generation of internet gangs, and this is something that will drive me to put this book out even more and the fact the cocksucker convention came through and passed.
            You fucking bastards really don't have a life -- a bunch of mid-list authors who can be the total jerks in the business. The fact these guys constantly suck Saten's Cock. Go fuck a shotgun! The only way you fuckers can stop this book is when hell freezes over. If you want me to pull this book, I have two words for you -- and they are, GET FUCKED!